Best E-commerce Web Design Hacks for Increased Sales


Each element on your e-commerce website, be it product visuals, overall design, and contact form pay a crucial role in generating a sale. That is the reason why you need to focus on users and then design the product pages of your e-commerce website. As far as user experience is concerned, it is a significant factor to help in converting visitors into customers, and subsequently into repeat shoppers. There are many things to consider when designing your online store to attract modern shoppers.

According to an article published on, sometimes, a full-page background photo gels naturally with the buying experience. When you have a complete visual over numerous small images, it makes your e-commerce site clean and clutter-free. Your business goal is to make shoppers click the buy button, and it is possible with clean product pages. The ideal marketing strategy is boosting the visual appeal of your online store. Most of the top e-commerce sites use high-definition photos, which is a necessity for e-commerce web design. It is one thing that would set the buyer experience right.

Do you want to improve your existing design? If yes, here are some of the best e-commerce web design tips to boost sales:

Keep the design simple

Nowadays, websites that have minimalist design are considered visually alluring, reliable than the intricate sites. Therefore, if you want to optimize your e-commerce website for increased traffic and conversions, you need to simplify the design. You might be wondering how to make the page design uncomplicated. First, you need to eliminate all unnecessary elements and information and integrate minimalistic design as well as abundant white space.

An extremely minimalistic web page draws visitors to your product pages to the key conversion point fast. Avoid any kind of distracting photos, links, and videos. Make sure the call-to-action or CTA is clearly understandable. Moreover, an overall simple design will make your online store look minimalistic, professional, and credible.

You can choose web design platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, or for that matter BigCommerce for expanding your online business.

Be transparent about the product pricing

When designing your product pages, make sure you are candid and honest about the prices of your products. Avoid hiding any pricing information or make things difficult for your shoppers to find as far as price-related info is concerned. Your buyers should never get a feeling that they’re being tricked or deceived. Hiding prices of products or pages that are hard to navigate would prove detrimental to your sales. Therefore, keep pricing details simple, straightforward, and easy to understand for your buyers.

The same rule holds when it comes to shipping. You also need to be upfront when it comes to shipping costs and policies. There are studies to indicate that e-commerce sites that show shipping information quite later in the buying process result in shopping cart abandonment. Make certain that your buyers can clearly see the total product price, including shipping costs while making a purchase. You can get in touch with Nashville Web Design Company or any other if you are contemplating a revamp of your e-commerce website.

Include a view cart button

There are some e-commerce sites, where you can see a small shopping cart icon on each page, most of the time in the right-hand top corner. The cart icon helps your buyers to see the products added to the cart. Then, did you know that the shopping cart is one of the most essential e-commerce web design elements on the site?

Make sure that the cart button is always visible because it helps in boosting conversions and sales. You need to design the cart in a way so that it looks like a shopping bag or cart and not anything that your buyers cannot recognize. You want to make sales and not confuse the shoppers.

Since the cart button is the most crucial design element of your e-commerce site, make sure that it sticks out on every page. You can use some bright color so that buyers notice it easily sans any confusion. The cart button will also stand out on the pages if it is larger compared to the other buttons. It will help your shoppers to easily find the button and view the items included in the cart.

Avoid distracting online shoppers

When it comes to your e-commerce website, make sure it’s optimized for the search engines and sales. It is smart to integrate extra details or info about your brand’s story, products, blog, or for that matter an option for your site visitors to sign up for your business email newsletter. You need to make certain the additional details do not divert your shoppers from buying a product.

For instance, a website form on the contact page, or for that matter at the bottom of your site’s homepage, which users can fill out to sign up for your email list is a good thing to do. Avoid making a pop-up window asking your buyers to sign up for that newsletter. That is because it may annoy your buyers and affect your conversions or sales. It would distract your buyers from buying a product, and irritate them. This way, the shoppers might not give their email address and even abandon your shopping cart. These little things matter when it comes to your e-commerce web design.

Use stunning photos

Your online store is completely different from a physical store. Your buyers view all your products online, and therefore, you need to use HD images and videos to pique their interest. Avoid using blurry or pixilated images, which would turn off your customers, thinking that your products are no good. The best way is designing a photo gallery for the products so that shoppers can click on every image and view your products from every angle possible. Your image should be so designed so that the shoppers can see even the fine details. It is all about getting as close as possible to allow your shoppers to see a product and then add it to the shopping cart.


Keep these e-commerce web design tips in mind to drive quality traffic, improve conversions, and finally boost sales.