Best Sailing Destinations in the World


Anchoring in tranquil bays and gliding into blue waters for an energising dip can be a mesmerising experience. Warm breeze filling the sails can make your day blissful. A sailing holiday can blow away your worries with the breeze. With the right qualifications and Sarca anchor, you can charter your own boat. If you are ready for sailing, you must try to these best sailing destinations in the world.


The Greek islands allow you to start your sailing odyssey from beautiful harbours to quiet coves. You can’t miss a beautiful sailing canvas decorated with olive groves, turquoise waters, rustic sanctuaries, white-washed houses, spilling bougainvillea, and sun-baked beaches. The Ionian offers exciting sailing experience with Kefalonia of Captain Corelli in the South and Corfu of Gerald Durrell in the north on the west coast of Greece. Kefalonia is famous for Fiskardo and Ithaca has beautiful Kioni. Greece can be an excellent place for an unforgettable sailing experience.

The Bahamas

The coral-based archipelagoes offer a fusion of warm waters, natural beauty and several occasions for snorkelling or Abacos in the Exumas. The restaurants and beautiful waterfront bars are diffident in style, but you will find them legendary for their fresh lobsters, fruity rum punch and fried conch fritters. You can reach the Bahamas easily by boat from South Florida. You should visit this paradise for long weekends.


The Adriatic gem has picturesque harbours, smart marinas, historic towns, deserted islands and isolated anchorages in the northern Mediterranean. Widening from Pula down to the coastline of Croatia (medieval Dubrovnik) offers numerous sailing opportunities. You can enjoy after winds and over 1,100 islands to discover.

The Kornati National Park is a famous pristine oasis. The Dalmatian coast (Split’s south) contains Vis, Korcula, Hvar and Brac islands. You can visit gentle towns, buzzy multicultural Hvar, Dubrovnik-light Korcula and quiet coves. Sailing fans must visit this place to enhance their experience.

San Juan Islands (Washington State)

Situated between the southern Vancouver’s tip and U.S. northwestern mainland, Canada (British Columbia), this island is ideal for hiking, fishing, and scenic cruising in snow-capped mountains. Boaters get attracted toward orca whales pods. They can see grey whales, minkes and humpbacks at this place.

Bald eagles are famous for ruling the sky of this Island. Moreover, you can see hello to harbour seals and sea lions. For communing with nature and cruising in cold weather, this Island can be an ideal place.

Dodecanese Islands (Greece)

This archipelago is extraordinary for its fantastic location along the border of Greece with the mainland Turkey’s southwest coast. The archaeological carcasses on the islands span cultures and centuries, with a fusion of current civilisation and historical flavour. Local honey purveyors, fishmongers, and pistachios growers are still present in the local markets of Greek.

In the Dodecanese, you can spend your morning wandering in the remains of an ancient amphitheatre. Spend your afternoon in the market to shop beautiful silk scarves and evening will be a great time to catch fish in the scenic harbour.

Society Islands (French Polynesia)

This island is famous for Tahiti, but boaters know this island as an excellent starting point for cruising through the archipelago. From Huahine to Moorea to Bora Bora, you can get countless opportunities along the islands for scuba diving and snorkelling. Spend significant time between colourful reefs and marine animals. You will get a chance to see giant manta rays and lemon sharks. You can have great fun in traditional boats. This island is famous for outrigger canoes and Bora Bora.

Another fantastic destination for boaters is Sydney, Australia. The roof architecture of the Opera House looks like beautiful sails. Try to visit this place on New Year’s Eve for the famous fireworks display over Harbor of Sydney.