Best Trading Platform


How to choose best Forex platform?

A best Trading platform + Get a HUGE Bonus! On the Forex market, is nothing than software that allows you to interactively attend the international currency market and make various transactions on it? Brokerage companies can also call platforms trading clients, but for end users, all these names mean the same thing. Let’s try to understand the difference between various trading platforms on Forex, and describe some of them.

Differences of Forex trading platforms?

In principle, almost all existing platforms for the Forex market are convenient in their own way, here, as they say, how many people have so many opinions, but there are also objective parameters that you should not forget when choosing a best Trading platform + Get a HUGE Bonus! These are:

  • Program speed and performance.
  • Convenience of the interface.

Program Speed & Performance:

Some programs have low speed and performance, which affects both the delay in the graphical display of quotes and the timeliness of transactions made – day traders lose their balance when the program slows down, although those who do not trade intraday may not give it any importance.


What is hidden under this parameter? The number of analytical tools, including technical indicators and charts, the number of timeframes (time intervals) for them. The number of simultaneous opening of windows with quotes, the possibility of writing your own indicator and automated trading, the availability of programs for automated trading (expert robots or advisors), modes and types of transaction orders, fundamental analysis services and the economic calendar, coverage of financial markets and trading platforms, the number of available financial instruments.

Convenience of the Interface:

The intuitive clarity of the interface, the ability to customize it, the color scheme are important factors affecting the comfort of trading on the Forex market. Moreover, as is well known: “they meet on clothes.”, therefore the first impression of users depends on the design.


The security of transactions and confidentiality, of course, are embedded in the platform, and these factors also depend on the brokerage company you choose.


Mobility means not only the ability to install the program on mobile devices, which is very important in the modern world, but also the compatibility of the program with various operating systems on which it can crash or refuse completely, in which case you will have to buy smartphones and tablets for the program , and not vice versa.

Of course, the high functionality of the best Trading platform + Get a HUGE Bonus! on Forex is an important thing, but sometimes you can find programs with less functionality, but more adapted to specific trading conditions. For example, there is a popular program MetaTrader (MT4 and MT5), as well as many of its modifications from various companies, among them MetaTrader Gain and IFX Trader, optimized for certain conditions of currency trading.