Best Upcoming & Ongoing ICOs You Should Know in 2019


Why should you invest in cryptocurrencies? Even despite the fact that numerous cryptocurrencies have already proven their reliability, there are a lot of people who are not ready to invest in ICO. They think that it’s significantly better to make a bank deposit or buy stocks. However, they usually forget that deposits are not as profitable as coins and it’s impossible to invest several hundred dollars in stocks because reliable brokers are usually ready to work only with a big budget. So, we decided to create this article in order to consider the most profitable and interesting ICO projects in 2019.

How to choose a reliable and profitable ICO?

You should realize that the number of ICOs right now is really enormous. There are probably hundreds of different companies, which want to conduct ICO this year, that’s why you should be extremely careful in order to choose the best project. Fortunately, there are special websites, which give you a possibility to check out ICO rating. Let’s consider some of these projects:

Telegram ICO

Professional ICO investors really wait for this cryptocurrency because it can be one of the first currencies, which you can use to conduct financial transactions instantly, buy goods and so on. Moreover, don’t forget that more than 200 million people from all over the world use Telegram. It is an enormous market and you should not lose this opportunity. Unfortunately, there are no specific dates of its ICO but we really hope that the developers will manage to make this project real in 2019.


Is a start-up, which is going to unity all loyalty programs with the help of one wallet. You can use this tool to store your credit cards, promotions, loyalty points, and other bonuses. Customers get profits, while shops get new loyal clients. We think that this project can become extremely popular in the near future, that’s why its ICO sounds quite interesting.


The developers of this platform want to change the traditional understanding of social media. You can get a reward for creating content or helping companies gather marketing information. This system gives great possibilities to cooperate with other people or companies and get mutual profits. Don’t miss this ICO.