Better Security Is A Lifestyle Choice In Business


Ever wonder why the largest companies in the world seem to have the fewest security breach incidents? You may think that, even though they have a huge budget to spend on security, surely it’s just a matter of time right? They have tens of tens of thousands of employees and hundreds of millions of customers. Yet, they hardly ever have any sort of data breach, loss of customer details, product plans being stolen or financial information leaked. This is because security has become a lifestyle in these corporations. Protecting the company is just part and parcel of working for it. Why haven’t you got a similar system in your business?


Password randomization 


Every month, the employees of every large company are told to change their password. Managers are told to do this regularly, up to once every fortnight. But, you should never rely on your employees to create new passwords. We are human after all and we remember things that are familiar to us. An employee might change his password from his daughter’s name to his son’s name, thus not making it too difficult to crack. Instead, you should be using a random password generator. Write down as many random passwords as you can, onto pieces of paper. Put the pieces of paper into a hat and let your employees take out one piece each. This will be their new passwords. Make sure they tell you what it is so you can put it into the system and attach it to their individual accounts.


You need more dedication


Most small business owners don’t have the luxuries that large companies do. However, slowly but surely this has changed and now you can have a system structure very similar to that of richer, bigger brands. Rather than using a shared server, you should look into a Dedicated Server service. For one thing, you get to customize the hardware up to a point. This will give you more speed, reliability and space. Secondly, the server has 100% uptime and is protected from DDoS attacks on the network. Perhaps most importantly, you have incredibly improved security. Since you’re not locked into a network, you get to decide what kind of antivirus software you employ and install your firewalls onto the server. A dedicated server is more airtight than a cloud-based server for this reason as well. 


Admin file-locking


The biggest threat your business faces is from the inside. This is why so many companies only give access to certain files and data, to their most senior management. You can have an admin lock on certain files to prevent junior employees and chosen managers, from gaining access. For such files that contain sensitive product details, patent information and financial reports, this is a crucial step in the right direction. The lock should be on the network, but it can also be applied to cloud-based systems like Dropbox.


Better security has to become nonchalantly, a part of your business lifestyle. Start with having a dedicated server which gives you more speed, reliability and control.