Better Ways to Show Your Employees That You Care


When it comes to issues for leaders, perception is something that is a very big issue. How employees see you is important, so you need to know what you want to do, and then act accordingly. Typically, a business leader can choose a range of different leadership methods, from being strong and stoic, to being personable and friendly. Some business leaders purposely want to be seen as not ‘one of the others’ in order to garner some respect. However, if you are not making a personal connection with your employees, then you are missing a trick. 


When you have a team of employees that feel valued, appreciated, and seen, then they are more likely to be productive at work. They are also more likely to want to be part of the team, going above and beyond  their usual role for the business. Not only that, but they will tend to be much happier too. So how can you show your appreciation for your employees? Here are some things to think about.


Have a proper business setup

Taking care of your employees needs to be a consideration right from the start of your business. This starts by having a proper business setup, making sure that you have a legal business, with all of the correct insurances, licenses, and permits in place. Looking somewhere like Coterie Insurance could be a good idea, to see the range of insurance that is available for small businesses. When they know things are set up correctly, they will have peace of mind when it comes to their job role and job security. 


Help them personally

It is a good idea, as a business leader, to go above and beyond when it comes helping them. Not only that, but helping them personally is another must. Helping employees with personal issues when asked, is one thing. But as a good leader in business, it can be a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open for how you can help out. It isn’t always going to be about money or time off. Employees may just need help or advice in a certain area, which coming from an employer, is something that can be really important.


Be transparent

One thing that you can do with your team is to be transparent with them. If you have an employee who wants some feedback on a certain project, then it is important to be clear and honest with them, rather than giving them a lot of jargon. An important note is that being honest doesn’t mean that you are being unkind. What you are doing instead is helping your employees to grow and offering some constructive help and feedback, where required. You’ll only hurt the employees and the company itelsef, if you’re not honest with them. 


Transparency can lead to some tough conversations, but when handled in the right way, it is going to be of benefit to the employee, rather than filling them with false hope that is untrue.