Beyond Mere Aesthetics: 3 Reasons Why Proper Food Packaging Is of Crucial Importance


Proper food packaging is typically a strategic decision by manufacturers. Preservation and marketing of food products are important aspects of packaging, when it comes to efficiently storing and selling the product. While food packaging may be visually pleasing and the food product is packed in a cost-effective manner, proper food packaging is important to satisfying consumer needs, food containment and safety, as well as marketability. Here are three reasons proper food packaging is of crucial importance.

  1. Keep Food Safe for Consumption

Packaging companies, like PTI plastic packaging, create packages that are uniquely designed to fit specific types of foods. It’s vital that packages can prevent food contamination, from both natural and manmade sources. Food packages should also be designed to protect the product from light and chemical reactions in order to preserve the flavor and quality of the food. Furthermore, proper food packaging can extend the shelf life of the food product, preserving  the shape and texture and keeping it safe for consumption. Properly packaged food will compel customers to buy the product because they’ll be convinced that the food packaged inside is in perfect condition and ready to eat, and as a result, create a solid impact on product sales.

  1. Functional is Marketable

Functional food product packaging is important when it comes to transporting the food product. It is essential that proper food packaging prevents food damage during the process of transporting the product from the manufacturer to store, and then to the home of consumers. The health and appearance of the food product are important, and as such, the food product’s packaging acts as its own delivery system, allowing the food product to survive transit. Whether the manufacturer chooses paper, plastic, aluminum or another type of packaging material, the choice of material is vital to marketing the food product, which means the packaging needs to look good on the shelf to appeal to customers, and persuade them to buy the product and even recommend it to others.

  1. Communicates to Consumers

When it comes to getting the packaged food off the shelves, proper packaging plays a key role in shaping perceived product value. There are many common food types on store shelves, but they are differentiated by brand, which consumers pay attention to when shopping. Food products are marketed, in part, using brand name and image, but the feeling that the product evoke, ingredients, nutritional content, benefits and cooking instructions are all things that communicate a message to consumers. Whatever consumers perceive about the food product, simply from the packaging will factor into their decision whether to purchase the product or skip over it for another product.

Functionality, preservation and safety, and communication are all of crucial importance as it relates to proper food packaging. It is essential that food is packaged in a way that keeps it safe for consumption, protected during transit and appeals to consumers by communicating anything from nutritional content to benefits. Proper food packaging is more than just about aesthetics.