Beyond The Paycheck: Other Factors To Consider When Looking For Work


Should you be considering your next move into new employment, think about more than just the paycheck. Yes, money has to be important – you do need to eat and have a roof over your head  – but life is too short to be forever chasing the dollar. There are other factors that should fall into your job search checklist, and the following are just some of them.


  • Making a difference. Rather than looking to make a difference to the size of your bank balance, why not consider what kind of difference you are making to the world. Whether it’s a job in nursing with it’s 100% Online RN to BSN Program, a job in conservation, or indeed any other job where you are being altruistic rather than self-thinking, you will receive immense job satisfaction as well as improving the lives of others in the fragile world we live in.


  • Something you love. Not many of us find a job we absolutely love to do, but it is possible. Rather than grinding away at something that fills you with dread in the morning, find that job that will get you out of bed with feelings of joy and excitement. And if you can’t find something to suit you? Then consider self-employment, where you can dictate exactly what it is you want to do, using your skills and hobbies to fuel your work.


  • Fitting your personality. Despite our skills, our personalities should also dictate the type of work we look for. If you don’t like working with people, perhaps something where you will be working alone for much of the time will suit you best. On the other hand, if you thrive off the company of others, then a job in a team or a busy work environment will suit you better. Try this online career test which can match your personality type with the right job for you.


  • Work-life balance. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and that’s exactly what will happen to you if you’re forever stuck in your office away from the rest of your life. Instead, look for something that will give you the opportunity to spend more time doing those other important things in life, such as having time to spend with your family, opportunities to hang out with friends, and enough time to focus on your hobbies and passions.


  • Opportunities for growth. Don’t be stuck in a dead-end job. If career progression and personal growth are important to you, look for something that will take you further up the ladder. Not only will this earn you more money, but there is the added responsibility that can bolster your level of job satisfaction.


  • Something that challenges you. We can all work in a place doing something that we find relatively easy, but having a job that offers more of a challenge will boost your skill levels, give you opportunities to grow, and ultimately make you a better person. Don’t choose a role that is way above your skill level, of course, as this won’t help you or the company you work for. Instead, look for a job that can incorporate your current skill level, but with that opportunity for personal advancement.


Final word

You don’t need to be rich to be happy. You don’t need every single luxury in your possession. Life is about more than money and material things, and if you focus on those other motivating factors we mentioned, you may find your happiness in life increased in ways that money cannot buy.