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Bill Prater is the Founder of Business Mastery.

About Business Mastery… 

Prater is a coach and mentor to private business owners. 15 years ago, Prater developed a Business Alchemist’s formula for helping business owners transform their company from ordinary to extraordinary and he has been crafting his expertise since 1999.


Throughout the entire process, the Business Alchemist’s formula has stayed the same. There is a Do-It-Yourself model, which is an accelerated training program, “Do-It-With-You” which is the coaching program, and a “Do-It-For-You” model. “Those who want to go faster and make life easier, tend to do the ‘Do-It-With-You’ model.”

Prater’s formula is ongoing. Eventually, the formula becomes a part of the business owner’s DNA, and they are able to apply their own techniques, as well as implement it into all levels of their company. This Dynamic Growth Formula™ is a subsystem of the Business Mastery System™.


As far as employees are concerned, Prater works with just two virtual employees: a business development associate and a project manager.


What makes Business Mastery the leader in its industry?

“We have one of the only proven systems effective for an extremely wide variety of business owners, extremely unique.”


Prater has helped a very large number of budding entrepreneurs realize their personal dreams and visions.


Who has influenced you? 

“Outrageous people who are unusual…outliers that have proven everybody wrong. People that have broken through the norm. People that have taken on giant challenges after they have been talked down upon. For example, Oprah figured out how to never position herself as the expert, she’s able to be the magnet that attracts almost everybody in the planet to have a conversation with her. Also, Steve Jobs…in a super competitive market, he priced his computers about 4.5 times higher than everyone else’s. Instead of not selling at all, he sold more because he created a sort of cult.”


When searching for optimal people to join his team, Prater looks for the cultural fit first, then he searches for the skills. “After that, I can teach them what I need them to do. If I look for someone with all the skills, then I will have a hard time getting them to relate to the culture or behavior.”


Words of advice.

“Do less, not more—keep your hands off of everything that you possibly can. Get others who have better skills to do it for you, without necessarily having them as your full time employee. Do as little as you possibly can. They don’t teach anybody how to be a business owner, you won’t get any training. You’re going to have to jump in without it, then figure it out.”



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Contributed by: Super Julie Braun

Interviewed/Written By: Savanna McKellar, Senior PR Agent