Body Image, The Internet, and Business


The world has forever been changed by the Internet. It’s more than just a platform that allows us to share information. The Internet also grants us a peek into what limits we as a species can reach. And with the advent of the Instagram model and fitness Youtuber, the pursuit of that perfect body has been more in demand than ever.


Like any business owner worth his salt, one cannot deny that there is an emerging market in the health and fitness field. But not everybody wants to or can put in the hours required to attain an aesthetically pleasing body. And the truth is that it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of visceral fat.


This gives rise to a market opportunity for those people who want to capitalize on this increased demand for getting a chiseled body with less time and effort. These businesses can come in two main forms of cosmetic solutions. These solutions are:




Liposuction is the process of removing fat from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, calves, and back through the use of an instrument referred to as a “cannula”. Right from the term itself, the process of liposuction involves the insertion of the cannula into the target area. A high-pressure vacuum is then applied to the instrument and this causes the cannula to literally suck out the fat from the target area.


Liposuction is, in fact, the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. It is also one of the most expensive, with procedures coming with a hefty price tag in the range of $2,000 to $3,500.


Despite this restrictive price, over 300,000 liposuctions are carried out every year. This not only suggests that there is indeed a demand for fat removal, but it also suggests that there is a huge market for the fat removal business and that people are willing to pay a lot of money to have fat removed.




The other method through which one can have fat removed comes in the form of cryolipolysis or also better known as “coolsculpting”. Coolsculpting is the process of freezing a localized region of fat deposits in order to contour the body.


In essence, the exposure to freezing temperatures causes cell death within fat tissue. This is the ideal procedure of choice for those who prefer a non-invasive method. There is no skin breakage involved, unlike in liposuction, where the cannula has to be inserted into the target area. Cryolipolysis doesn’t damage the overlying skin to get to the fat tissue underneath.


Coolsculpting treatments are usually performed in medical spas by trained staff. is a very reliable source if you’re interested in the finer details of cryolipolysis.


A cryolipolysis treatment in the US typically costs about $750 to $1,500, It’s also important to note that while this process is relatively new, the sheer number of anecdotes relating to the effectiveness of the procedure cannot be overlooked.


What’s more is that there aren’t as many cryolipolysis businesses as there are liposuction clinics, which makes it a fruit ripe for the picking if you have the resources to open your own clinic that specializes in this procedure.