Book Review: Notes For the Children


For most parents, ensuring their children are happy, safe, smart and well-prepared for life is their strongest calling. 

Patrick Priestner, one of Canada’s wealthiest and most philanthropic entrepreneurs has provided all of those for his own children and grandchildren, but in his new book, Notes for the Children, he goes one step further by providing them with a instruction manual for navigating life and its myriad challenges.  

A humble billionaire who grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father and a mother who tried to cope through her own blend of alcohol and pills, Priestner would have been an unlikely candidate to become a billionaire before her turned sixty. 

But through a lifetime of hard work that started at a young age (he was named Chrysler Canada’s top salesman at just 18 years old) and a commitment to self-reflection and self-improvement, Priestner became incredibly wealthy, and perhaps more surprisingly, incredibly happy.

In Notes for the Children, Patrick Priestner offers a unique perspective on achieving success in a competitive business environment while maintaining integrity, kindness, and compassion. His voice is engaging and relatable, blending spiritual insights with the experiences of a CEO, family man, and an avid fan on modern music. 

Priestner’s wisdom, which is grounded in humility and integrity, comes across as credible, compelling, and achievable. 

The book emphasizes the importance of positive thinking, mindfulness, and understanding one’s inner voice. It serves as a reminder that these practices can transform lives, even against the backdrop of our post-pandemic world rife with war, climate change and soaring inflation.

Through his personal stories and reflections, Priestner shows how these principles can lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. But there is no sense of preachiness on Priestner’s part. He shares what he knows and hopes the reader can benefit from his experiences; both good and bad.

Notes for the Children is not just a book about success in business; it is a guide for living with integrity and mindfulness. It is a collection of quotes, lyrics, and teachings that offer practical advice for navigating life’s challenges. Priestner’s candidness about his own struggles and triumphs creates a bond with readers, making the book both relatable and inspiring.

It is a book that offers hope and guidance, bridging the gap between personal confession and self-help. It is a testament to the power of resilience and self-awareness, offering readers a lifeline to tranquility in an often chaotic world.

Notes for the Children is available at Amazon, Indigo and Apple Books.