Branding with Cafe Grumpy


How important is branding to you? 

Caroline Bell, CEO of Cafe Grumpy: Branding has been very important for our business.  We didn’t have a business plan when we opened, but we had a logo!  We always wanted the grumpy coffee bean logo to represent quality coffee.


You’ve opened up six shops in ten years, clearly your branding works for you:

CB: People relate to the grumpy face on their cups.  Some of them might be grumpy in the morning before their first cup of coffee or they might have a grumpy co-worker that they need to buy a coffee for.  People relate to the brand like it is their friend who understands just how grumpy they feel!


How does branding affect your business?

CB: Since we opened our first store in NYC in 2005, so many independent coffee shops have opened around us.  It is more important than ever that your brand stands out, that it is recognizable and approachable. More importantly is that the experiences customers have in the cafes make them want to come back.


What would you say is the most important aspect of branding? 

CB: Consistency.  A brand only works if it conveys a consistent message and is always on point. For us, it is great coffee in a welcoming environment.


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