Build Your Own Garden Office From Scratch



If you work from home rather than in an office, you most likely have a set up which is in the spare room of your house or in the corner of your bedroom. But what if you could have an actual office on your premises to go to every single morning?


Your garden is likely a space you love to spend time with your family at the weekend, but a lot of the time you will have a blank space in your garden which is the perfect size for a small office building to go. We are talking about a building which will resemble a large shed, but will allow you to have the privacy and quiet you need during your working day.




The first thing you need to do when planning a garden office is to lay out a solid foundation for the space. Make sure that you give yourself enough room in your office to house everything you need, but also try not to take over the whole garden. You will need to bring in some builders and their equipment for the job so make sure to find great crane mats to purchase to protect your lawn during the work.

Electrical System

The most important element of the office space is going to be the electrical equipment you bring into the space, which is why it is now that you must feed electricity into your office. You will need to get a registered electrician to sort this out for you. Make sure that when you give your plan that you specify where the sockets will go and also how many socket you are going to need. Always install one or two extra than you need just in case.



If you aren’t planning to go back into your house during the working day then you will want to invest in some plumbing to provide you with a toilet, sink and a small kitchen area to cook your meals at lunchtime. You will need to make sure you do all of this before you start in decorating the space because it can be quite complicated and messy to do.


The Decor


Once you finally have your empty shell with electricity and plumbing, you can go ahead to the most exciting part of the project- decorating the space. This is where you can really bring this small office into your own and have some fun wit things. Make sure you go for nice light colours and make the space and warm and inviting as you can. You will likely want a large window too so that you can view the garden as you work. Set up your furniture and equipment into the space and buy yourself a couple of new things like a kettle and a microwave for lunches. This is your personal space so make sure to make it as homely as you can. You can even have sliding doors so that you can open them up during the summer!