Building a Dream Start-up Team with Little or No-Money


From the day you started your own company, your only dream was for it to succeed but you alone cannot achieve the goal, you need a solid team for steering the boat in the right direction towards success. Once you hire a team, you need to start team-building efforts to make sure that your team members are working towards the success of the business as much as you. But before you get to do all that, how will you hire a team if you do not have funds to pay their salaries?

Here are a few tips that will help you build your dream team with little or no money;

Engage Interns:

This is one of the best ways to find passionate employees for the cheapest price as these interns are eager to learn from you if you have the time to mentor them. In fact, many interns agree to work for free as well, due to the experience they gain. This will help them as it boosts their resume and aids in getting a real job in the future.

Hire Part-Time Employees:

If you have little funds, then you can hire a few part-time employees on a contractual basis so that you can get the job done by paying half-days salary.

Recruit Friends and Family:

Sometimes when you have absolutely no capital to hire employees, a great way of starting a business is to take help from friends and family. You can make your friend your business partner as it is easier to work with people you know, and they will be willing to work for you for free.

Offer Equity Options:

You can hire a few employees who are ready to work for you if you offer them equity in the company. Finding employees who would accept just stocks to work for you might be difficult, but the advantage is that if you find such employees, they will be willing to work harder as the company’s growth is directly their growth.

Choose a Business Opportunity Which Requires Fewer Employees:

If you do not have the money to hire people, choosing a business which requires large manpower is going to fail. Instead, go for business options like trading which require low investments and fewer employees to work with. In fact, starting a trading business is quite simple as you need a handful of traders and smartphone, laptop or tab to launch the business. This business requires a small fund which if used correctly can multiply. As suggested by, to increase your chances of gaining profits, hiring a broker to help you make reliable trading choices is important.

Find Funds to Hire Employees:

At last, the advice I would like to give you is, though all the hacks mentioned above works great if you have nil funds, if you really wish to build an efficient team, you will have to hire a full-time team of experienced members. You cannot get away for cheap if you have to hire full-time employees hence the best solution is to slowly build your company and start saving money to recruit skilled employees. 

A successful entrepreneur does not make any excuses but finds a way to work through hardships and make the best out of the worst conditions.