Business Flights — 5 Pro Tips for Prepping Perfectly


Depending on your outlook, a high-flying business trip can be the perfect opportunity to network with new people and strike lucrative deals — or a pointless pain in the posterior.

But whether you believe they’re a nice break from the old routine or a necessary evil, feeling more relaxed, calm and organized prior to departure can only enhance the experience.

And since US travelers undertook an amazing 462 million domestic business trips in 2017, according to stats portal site, there are probably hordes of travelers looking for helpful hacks.

With that in mind, here are 5 pro tips to help you prep perfectly for a business flight.

  1. Laptop bag

Turning up for an important meeting with your laptop peeking out from a plastic shopping bag probably won’t impress potential clients — although if you can pull off this look with aplomb, more power to you.

But it’s probably best to invest in an everyday messenger bag or backpack from Peak Design. Available in subtle black, charcoal, ash or tan colorways, they’re stylish, tough and have enough compartments for all of your essential corporate kit.

  1. Sneakers

No matter how well they match your power suit, spending an entire flight with a pair of heavy brogues on your feet will cause them to swell and sweat.

So since there’s no dress code inside an airplane cabin, swap them for a pair of subtle and comfortable Lanvin low-top sneakers — your toes will thank you later.

  1. Reading

If you were a voracious reader in your youth, you might feel frustrated that work and family commitments mean that you often don’t have the time to finish a book these days.

But by subscribing to mobile library app you can access condensed versions of over 2500 popular titles, allowing you to get the gist of big contemporary ideas in a fraction of the time taken to finish a full title.

  1. Lounge

Even in today’s tech-driven age, it can be hard to find a quiet space in an airport concourse to charge electronic devices, catch up on emails and correspond with business contacts.

But joining Priority Pass gives you access to over 1200 comfortable and well appointed airport lounges worldwide where you can finish off that last minute proposal document and double-check meeting arrangements.

  1. Parking

Traveling to your departure airport on public transport can be deeply unpleasant — and it’s a data protection risk if you misplace pens or phones carrying sensitive commercial information.

But booking parking on comparison site and traveling to the terminal in the security and comfort of your own vehicle mitigates the risk and makes you feel far less disheveled. By the time you board your flight, you’ll feel completely calm and composed.

These five pro tips for business travelers who want to prep perfectly will help you formulate the ideal pre-flight plan for a successful trip.

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