Business Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Fashion


As our world changes, business ideas come and go. What might have seemed a brilliant service five years ago has now become obsolete. Whether because of new technology, new interests, or robots taking over all our jobs, nothing stays static. In the world of business, there are fashions in every industry, not just in clothes manufacturing. This can be a scary thought for many people trying to set up a business – after all, how can you know if your idea will still be viable in the coming years? This is a legitimate worry, and one that all new start-ups should consider. However, if you want to feel secure, there are some industries that we can safely say will never go out of fashion. These are services that are integral to our society, based on factors that will last as long as there are humans on the planet. If you’re looking to start a business but you have flexibility about what kind, these ideas will help you settle on something that will last the long-haul. Some of the suggestions require specialist training or education, 

Internet Services

The world is constantly changing, but there’s one thing we can be sure of; the internet is here to stay. There’s another certainty – as long as the internet is around, there will be people who need help using it. Technology can be a mysterious tool, and if you are able to come in and fix other individual’s and company’s connectivity problems, you’re onto a business idea that can only grow and grow. Internet services encompass a variety of tasks, from security to streamlining to fixing specific issues (and yes, sometimes just switching it on and off again). With these tools in your business pocket, you’ll never have to worry about becoming obsolete.


It might not seem like the most attractive business plan, but plumbers really do save lives. The cleanliness of our plumbing systems is vital in the delivery of clean, safe water into our homes, as well as the hygienic removal of wastewater. Plumbing systems are also slightly more complicated than you might assume, and they often require a uniquely human approach to problem-solving that no robot will ever be able to replicate. For as long as humans live in homes, plumbers will have a steady stream of work guaranteed never to run dry. Master plumbers also enjoy a great salary and high degrees of flexibility in their work. There are far worse ways you could make a living.

Pest Control

There will always be plumbing issues as long as humans live in homes, and there will also always be pests. From mice to cockroaches and even snakes in some places, wherever humans gather will inevitably become a breeding ground for all sorts of creepy crawlies. This is because we create waste and the irresistible smell of food, no matter how cleanly we try to be. Whilst pests are undoubtedly unpleasant, they create a great business opportunity. With just a bit of targeted pest control marketing, your business could soon be saturated with clients desperate for your services – and this is one source of business that will never go away.


This is one of the major players in businesses that will never go out of fashion. Sure, construction machines have lessened the need for the type of manual labor needed when they built the pyramids – but machines still need operators, and houses will always need to be built. Construction services range over many disciplines, from bricklayers, roofers, demolitionists, and more. Human society is a constantly moving cycle of buildings being built, aging, and needing to be replaced. If you can set yourself up as a trustworthy and reliable construction business, able to tend to both domestic and industrial properties, you will be tapping into a source of work that will last as long as people live in cities.


Moving away from industries of physical labor, consultancy is one area that many do not consider. Businesses of all types will often require advice of some sort, and this isn’t a trend – it is a hard fact of running a business. You might need some experience and education in the areas you are consulting on, but once you are up and running, businesses will consistently come to you for advice. A smart consultancy business is one that adapts to a changing world, able to offer your clients advice on how to fit their services to different circumstances, change, and grow. A consultant who is able to do this will ensure they remain indispensable for a long time to come.


As long as businesses of any kind exist, they will need marketing services. Marketing remains an essential way for businesses to reach their customers and create income streams. Though the methods might change, the need for a service such as this will remain. Over the last years of business, strategies have moved away from physical advertisements such as leaflets and posters, and towards online targeted ad campaigns, SEO strategies, and website footfall. These techniques may change again in the coming years, but if your marketing company can keep on top of these methods and keep helping business expand their outreach, you will never go out of style.


There is a reason lawyers have existed for hundreds and hundreds of years, probably as one of the oldest professions still in existence. That reason is a little unpleasant, but nevertheless true – crime will always exist. Just as there are always good people in the world, there are also those who will be willing to bend or break the rules for their own benefit. Lawyers are therefore integral to the functioning of a just and fair society. This is perhaps the profession that may require the biggest investment in terms of education and training, but the payoff is potentially massive. Setting up a lawyering firm, particularly one with a specialism, is a lucrative business idea that, if successful, will pay back your investment within a couple of years.



Similarly to marketing, the output of design may change over the years. However, the need for content, logos, webpages, and images, will never go away. Many new business owners fall into the trap of thinking they can design their own logos etc in a cost-saving exercise. They soon learn how wrong they were. Good designers create work that simply cannot be replicated by untrained or artificial hands. They are eye-catching, easy to understand, and instantly memorable. They can be used on any number of marketing campaigns of products, from leaflets to coasters to websites. For this reason, the world of design is one that will always be able to adapt and thrive in a changing business world.


Unless everyone across the world suddenly decides to start speaking the same language – which seems unlikely – translators will always be in demand. Do you speak two languages fluently? If so, you’re in a fantastic position to capitalize on the opportunity this presents. Some translators work in person, whilst others are employed behind the scenes to translate documents and even works of fiction. As the globe becomes ever more interconnected, the services of translators will only increase as more companies and individuals strive to reach people on an international level. There are online options, of course, but these are notoriously dodgy and full of errors, even with the smartest AI available. Nothing can beat the accuracy of a human translator – and nothing ever will.


In the last few years, tutoring has grown into one of the biggest, most booming industries in the world. Private tutoring, once seen as reserved for the elite, is now a common option for parents wishing to give their children an extra helping hand. Tutors can teach online through various websites, or in person. With a high turnover of clients as new children move through the school system, this is a source of business that looks very unlikely to run dry. To set up your own tutoring business, you’ll first need to get started as an individual tutor. Once you have established your quality, you’ll be able to expand and start to turn your job into a lasting business strategy.

Moving Company

Moving back into domestic and labor-intensive services, our final business idea that will never go out of fashion is that of a moving company. If you’ve ever moved house, you’ll know how stressful the process is, full of boxes and multiple trips and living in a state of chaos. A good moving company can make this period of change go much smoother, resulting in a great deal less stress, and a more pleasant experience. People will always need to move house for some reason or another, and so a service that can facilitate this process by packing, moving boxes, cleaning, and generally helping out, will always be in demand. You can get several gadgets that will elevate your service, but to get started you essentially need a man and a van – this is one of the most accessible business ideas, but it is still one that will last for many, many years.