Business Phone Number Essentials – What Every Small Business Owner Should Know


As a small business owner, you must be able to put your ego aside and make decisions that align with the best interests of your organization. This is especially important when you get a business phone number.

Those ten digits are essential for communicating with clients and team members alike. Learn about the different types of business numbers and their benefits.

Local Numbers

Local numbers are great for businesses that want to create a local presence in a specific area. Their respective area code identifies them and makes it easier for clients to reach your business. They also come with features that can help streamline your customer service operations, like auto attendant and call recording. Register as many local numbers as needed to track your marketing efforts and see which campaigns work best. This makes it easy to measure your ROI and grow your company without investing in a physical office. Local numbers can be used in conjunction with toll-free or mobile phone numbers. They are a good choice for companies that use cold calling as part of their sales strategy because customers will feel more comfortable with a local number than an 800 number. They are also ideal for expanding a company internationally.

Toll-Free Numbers

You’ve probably seen and even dialed a toll-free number at once or another. These numbers are often used for direct response marketing campaigns, like 1-800-GO-FEDEX or 1-800-FLOWERS. They’re memorable, easy to recall, and a great way to get your brand in people’s heads. Although toll-free numbers may not be as important as they once were – thanks to mobile smartphones that offer unlimited calling — they still present a professional image and help brands appear larger in scope and size. They also imply a level of customer service that customers can trust. Toll-free numbers are also easy to track and can be transferred to different providers if your business needs to change phone systems or locations. Salesmate CRM offers both local and toll-free numbers for SMBs at affordable rates.

Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers help separate business calls from personal ones, increasing business credibility and creating an image of professionalism. However, it is important to understand your brand goals and identity before selecting a vanity number for your business. Ultimately, the best vanity number provider for you will provide a solution that fits your needs and supports your long-term business goals. Consider looking for a provider offering customizable features such as routing, custom greetings, and a platform seamlessly integrating with your existing telecommunications infrastructure. Also, select a provider that provides room for growth. For example, you may be a solopreneur today but will expand into a small team shortly. Ensure the provider you choose offers a range of local and toll-free number options and a “park” feature so you can reserve a number that matches your business goals now and easily add it to your website or marketing materials when the time comes.

International Numbers

International numbers make your business visible in global markets and allow you to establish a local presence for customers abroad. They look like regular local phone numbers; callers pay standard rates to reach you.

To get an international number, you need a provider with a business VoIP or UCaaS solution with built-in global calling features, including call routing and voicemail transcriptions. Using these tools, you can route calls to the right team members and create phone menus for different call types. You can also keep your personal phone number private from business callers, making it easier to avoid mixing calls and messages while staying accessible on your device. Usually, getting an international number is expensive and requires tons of paperwork, but Dialpad makes it easy to buy international business numbers with two clicks. Plus, you can connect your new number instantly without a complicated agreement or long set-up process. Start expanding your business globally with an international virtual phone number today.