Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston) recently interviewed Michelle Dale.

About The Interviewee 

Michelle Dale is the CEO and founder of the International Business Corporation, VMF Ltd. – Virtual Miss Friday and has been providing online business consulting, virtual assistant services and service provider training via the Internet whilst travelling the globe full time since 2005.

Tell Me About Your Firm (Number Of Employees), Location, Type Of Companies You Work With, Etc.)

We’re an entirely paperless virtual company without any fixed location, we work entirely with independent contractors based around the world and could have anywhere between 14 and 20 actively working on client projects at any given time. We work primarily with entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses providing Administrative, Marketing and Creative support however we also have a number of corporate companies we’re contracted to for marketing website development projects.

In addition to the services we provide we also offer a range of online service business training programmes.

Tell Us About What It Means To You To “Put Customers First”?

For me it’s all about putting myself in their shoes and then thinking to myself if I was the customer what kind of outcome would be most ideal. It’s about treating the customer how you would like to be treated in any given situation.

“What Mistake Do Businesses Make When It Comes To Taking Care Of Customers?

I think a lot of people start a business with the mindset that the business is there to serve and provide for them, when in fact that’s secondary, the business is there to serve others, and the owner benefits the most financially over the long term by making that service the best it can possibly be. From my experience the best business owners will continue to invest in their customer experience on an ongoing basis, and therefore secure a long term, sustainable, profitable company.

What Is Your Firm Doing To Demonstrate Your Beliefs In This Principle?

Throughout the year we work to a schedule reviewing each service and product within the business. We do a thorough assessment on the current processes and procedures and on new technology, tools and ways of working online. We then, on rotation, look at how each individual product and service could be improved. For example we currently have (6) core training programmes we offer, we review 1 programme every 2 months throughout the year as a project. We update it, refine it, improve it, look for various ways we can add more value to it, and then release a new and improved version free of charge to existing customers.

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