Businesses Are Saving on Prints and Letterheads


While many businesses are taking active steps towards using less paper and going green, there is no doubt that prints are still needed for various reasons. It is still necessary to present legal documents and contracts as hard copies. Product brochures, presentation materials and company profiles are also among the documents that are still printed.

The demand for prints and paper documents is still relatively high, but an emerging trend is appearing on the market. Businesses are saving on prints, letterheads and similar items or services. There are a few things that have triggered this particular trend.

Efficient Printing

As newer printing technologies are being introduced, businesses are enjoying an increased efficiency in return. Large printer manufacturers like Epson and Brother are introducing new, more efficient ink technologies. The latest Brother printers are capable of printing over 6,000 black-and-white documents for as little as £8.

The same can be said for paper and other supplies. It is not uncommon for businesses to recycle old documents or print on the other side of the paper to save money. Integrated, networked printers are making managing consumption very easy to do as well.

All of these shifts make printed documents more affordable than ever. As businesses reduce the amount of documents they print, they’re saving a lot of money on supplies at the same time.

Affordable Printing Services

While paper documents are usually printed in-house using office-grade printers, other materials such as document folders, letterheads, business cards and even custom envelopes are printed by third-party service providers. The same technologies that make office (and home) printers more efficient are also making industrial printers more economical and efficient.

Companies like are able to offer printing services at great rates. Businesses can still take advantage of having a classy, branded document folder for presenting documents and other materials without having to spend a lot of money to produce them.

There are even new materials that are entirely environment-friendly. Envelopes made from recycled paper or document folders that use biodegradable materials are not uncommon at all. Since companies can also choose a standard size while maintaining the ability to add branding and logos, the overall costs of getting these items produced are much lower than they were a few years ago.

A Trend to Last

While a lot of efforts are being made to reduce the consumption of paper, a lot of industry experts believe that this latest trend is here to stay. We’re already seeing a new generation of printers – with even better efficiency ratings, lower ink consumption and a wealth of new features – being introduced to the market. Companies providing third-party printing services are also taking advantage of new machines and larger, more efficient printers to keep up with the demand.

After all, there is an irreplaceable feeling of class and a valuable branding tool to be found in printed documents, folders, envelopes and other similar materials. These aspects are also among the reasons why businesses are still using print documents while saving on printing costs and consumables at the same time.