Businesses Get Summer-Ready with Awnings in New York


It’s summer! It’s the perfect time to be outdoors and New York is the city that moves. Awnings are a quick and easy marketing tool in this bright, sunny weather. New York is fast but there’s something extra fun about walking down your street when everything is not covered by white. From grocery stores to cafes, the streets and the stores perk up with smartly-designed, bright, beautiful, bold awnings.

Awnings Are Practical

In NYC, awnings and signs are secondary coverings attached to a building. They can retractable or semi-permanent and are typically made of some kind of fabric and may be above an entrance, a door or even the area along a sidewalk. Think of a New York awning like a hat for a building – it’s cool, fashionable and offers protection from the wicked outdoors all at the same time! When it comes to businesses in NYC, awnings are an ideal solution for advertising, weather protection and aesthetics, say experts at New York Sign Group, a Manhattan-based designer, manufacturer and installer of signs and awnings. This company services clients all over the city including leading farmers markets and restaurants in Brooklyn and Flushing. Awnings can also be built for endurance through the summer months so depending on the use and look, one can always go in for retractable awnings.


Remember that episode in Friends when they were sun-bathing on the roof? That’s one use for an awning! In the bazaars of the east, awnings shade market stalls and homes. Here in New York awnings can be used by restaurants for outdoor seating or an open-air party. Who wouldn’t like to order coffee and sit at a cute little table shaded by a bright canopy? Being outdoors is the definition of New York and summer is the best time of the year for it!


When it comes to stores, for both the customer as well as the store manager, showcasing products is a business need. However, there are many products that need to be stored in cool, dark places and can go bad if exposed to direct sunlight. Displays and signs under awnings are an effective win-win for showcasing such products. This are just some of the many scenarios in which setting up an awning makes sense.

Awnings Catch Attention and Attract Customers

Awnings are a great and highly effective marketing tool. Depending on the area and the nature of your business, creatively using colors and graphics can instantly catch the attention of passers-by and aid recall value around the brand, its logo and colors. As such, they can be deployed creatively as store fronts or window/door casings.


One of the cheapest marketing tools on offer, awnings are an effective alternative to advertisements in that they are physically owned by the brand or the store. Since New York is a city that moves, the streets of practically all neighborhoods – from Flushing to Brooklyn – are dotted by pedestrians scrambling to catch the subway. There’s your general audience right there. If it’s footfall you are after, retractable awnings can be custom designed for specific events or product launches adding to a sense of wow factor for your regular customer and attracting new customers coz it’s ‘something different’ that they spot.