Calling All Teachers and College Professors, It Is Time to Learn About Guns


One of Texas Leading Gun Instructors is Training Educators on License to Carry, 9/07/2016 – Fort Worth, Texas – Police Sergeant Damon Ing has been instructing the local community as well as nationally about gun safety, defense with a gun, and preparing students for the License to Carry class in Texas. His unique training gives his graduates a real and solid understanding of the responsibility of bearing of arms and protecting one’s self and/or family.

sgt-ing“The city streets can be mean,” says Sgt Damon Ing “I want my students to be armed with accurate information and training that could one day save their lives. I think it is important that our teaching community also learn about guns and their proper role in society.”

For a limited time, professors and classroom teachers can attend one of Sgt Damon Ing’s classes and receive a free one-month legal defense membership from the National Association for Legal Gun Defense litigation coverage ( and two free e-books (.pdf): “Force on Force Gunfight Training” and “What You Need to Know about Self Defense Law”. During the one-month period, teachers can call the administrative line to have their questions answered about Texas gun laws. Below is a complete list of Sgt Ing’s upcoming curriculum and training classroom:

Location: Winchester Shooting Gallery – 6054 East Lancaster, Fort Worth, TX 76112
“Shoot, No Shoot” course (no gun required): September 10, 2016 from 0300-0500pm

License to Carry Class ($79, student must bring 50 rounds of ammo and their handgun, eye and ear protection). If a teacher does not have a gun, guns are available for rent at Winchester Shooting Gallery. Also, ammo can be purchased at the instruction location for the qualification range portion of the class.

(All classes are on Saturdays from 9am-2pm, limited to 20 students)
September 10, 2016 or September 24th, 2016

October 8th,2016 or October 22nd, 2016

November 5th, 2016 or November 19th, 2016

December 3rd, 2016 or December 17th, 2016 or December 31st, 2016
To reserve, visit: promo code: GI001 or e-mail:

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