Calls for Service on Legal Gun Owners – Handling False 911 Encounters with the Police


Fort Worth, Texas (8/23/2017) – Licensed Gun Owners are clearly the most law-abiding group of Americans who have taken on the risk and the investment to provide self-defense for themselves, their family and their community.

According to a recent crime prevention report, a licensed armed citizen is .024 percent less likely to commit a crime compared to the general public. However, the general public and some in law enforcement tend to treat those who exercise their gun rights as a danger to society rather than a prepared and aware citizen – the good guys/gals.

In the marketplace of the news, gun instruction and politics of guns, there is a myriad of good and bad advice.  Some prefer that Americans not be armed, others prefer and advise conceal carry over open carry and create an atmosphere of hysteria that gun owners need to be prepared to deal with when encountering the public.

“It is illegal for people to call in a false report to 911 on people who carry firearms openly or concealed,” says Larry Keilberg, National Director for, “If you are victim of these calls and encounter police because of an errant call for service, please let us know (members only). It is dangerous that some folks advocate this, but they do because they are uninformed and others because they have an agenda to punish those who bear arms and exercise their rights.”

“ has you covered under our victim’s rights provisions.  When encountering a first-responder, be polite and respectful, get a badge number, name of the officer and service you dealt with and note the approximate time of the encounter and call, and finally file an open records request to determine if a false report was made. Film the encounter if possible.  Most 911 call centers are trained to vet these calls, but you never know about their level of training and what was said to the operator,” says Andy Valadez, Marketing Director for

“There is a lot of errant advice being given to gun owners about carrying of firearms by instructors and/or other competing legal membership services.  If you are licensed to carry a firearm, you have the right to carry without fear of others calling law enforcement on you for legal activity,” says CJ Grisham, Director of Membership for is a comprehensive litigation protection membership covering individuals, families and businesses in regards to personal protection with the use of any weapon in all 50 states, U.S. Territories and Tribal Lands.

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Victim of 911 False Report