Can Businesses Afford Not to Be on Social Media?


A social media presence is a must for all businesses in 2018, even if you think your niche is too dull to produce exciting content. Even if you think your company is too small to build a large audience. There are too many downsides to not being on social media for you to ignore this platform.


Creating brand awareness


Social media is the best platform for a business to massively increase awareness of its brand for free.


Every time someone engages with one of your posts, an alert is sent that all of that person’s followers could see. That’s hundreds (potentially thousands) of followers that could be exposed to your brand every time someone clicks a like, retweet, or pin, button. There’s no limits to where this snowball effect stops either. This guide to creating viral social media content could help you reach an audience bigger than you ever imagined.


Showing off your expertise


Getting eyes on your social media content is all well and good, but to convert these people into customers, you’ll need to be posting that demonstrates your expertise.


If you can post content that is useful, interesting, entertaining while also subtly promoting your services, you’ll have hit the sweet spot that gets you followers and more sales. Creating social content that sells is an art as much is a science. This guide from Social Media Examiner has a formula that it could be helpful to follow.


Social proof


You can never be too careful when buying goods or services online. Sadly, the internet remains the perfect place for scammers to launch fake businesses in an attempt to steal your money, then disappear off the face of the earth.


An active social media page where a business posts original content and responds to customer queries is a good sign that a business is alive and thriving.


Many customers will check a business’s social media page for signs that a business is legitimate.


If you don’t show up in their web search, they may well go with a company that does.


Customer Service


Social media has become a place not only to promote your services to potential customers, but also to provide customer service for them and existing customers.


The growth of businesses offering customer service via social media has grown to the point it has more or less become an expectation.


The days of ‘we aim to reply to all emails with two working days’ are long gone. At least in the eyes of the average consumer, they should be.


Most businesses are responding to queries within a couple of hours on social media. If your rivals can manage this but you can’t, that’s an extra point to them.


Put the time in or miss out


The bottom line is that social media marketing holds too many advantages for you to miss out on.


If no-one at your company has the time to update your social media pages with useful, compelling content, you should outsource this task to a company that can. Many companies hire article writers to help in the content production cycle, whether it’s posting on social media sites or writing blogs that you can share.


It takes considerable time just to come up with the ideas and concepts of blogs, let alone the writing itself. Focus on the big tasks and get help writing content to maximize your time.