CarGuard Administration: Online Claims Service That Works


A picture of a person filing a claim with CarGuard Administrations online claim service.

CarGuard Administration is a company that provides vehicle protection plans to individuals interested in extending their warranty. Starting the business in 2015, Trevor Smith had a vision of building a company that would become the most outstanding provider of vehicle protection plans. 

The company has remained faithful to this initial goal throughout the years. The founders of CarGuard Administration had a mission of changing some of the unfavorable perceptions of the industry, including poor customer service and the deficiency in good client relations.

The manufacturer sells practically all new vehicles with a warranty; however, the coverage is valid only for a controlled period of time. When the warranty period ends, vehicle owners are left riding around without being protected against damages. 

This indicates that the owner becomes liable for covering the costs of repair should problems surface while driving.

CarGuard Administration would like to ensure that all drivers are covered while on the road.  Whenever a driver has a vehicle protection plan, they are not overly concerned about the cost associated with going to a repair shop.  

This makes an immense difference in the owner’s peace of mind and the well-being of the vehicle. If a small problem is ignored, it will not take long for that issue to turn into significant trouble.

Customers using the services of CarGuard Administration have the advantage of accessing practical solutions. In addition, the company continuously looks for new ways to add value to the experience of its customers.  

How this is done includes making it possible for customers to have convenient and fast access to the services offered by the company.

The client base of CarGuard Administration is responsible for the excellent reputation the company now enjoys. The company makes getting protection plans on vehicles relatively easy. 

CarGuard works with car dealerships and clients to ensure more drivers have coverage when traveling on the road. This is important because individuals never know when their vehicle may experience problems. When a vehicle is covered with the right vehicle protection plan, they are protected against having to pay for repairs.

In recent times, Trevor Smith unveiled CarGuard online claims service, a new service that the company is now offering. At the time of the announcement, the company was in the works to launch a service for auto claims. 

Now, members of CarGuard Administration can utilize the service to open a motor vehicle claim.   This is in keeping with the company’s mission to expediently and fairly adjudicate the claims of its members while providing best-in-class customer service at the same time.

It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Individuals can file a motor vehicle claim on holidays and weekends. Customers who have a CarGuard protection plan will not be required to file claims. 

All claims must be filed by an expert employed by an ASE-certified repair facility. The procedure takes just a few minutes to complete.

What Do Customers Prefer About CarGuard?

The customer base of CarGuard Administration has provided the company with an exceptional reputation. A company that handles vehicle protection plans had to develop a strategy to make customers happy. Trevor Smith of CarGuard has continuously strived to provide the customer with the best experience. 

When individuals choose to use the services provided by CarGuard Administration, they can select from various vehicle protection plans to get the one best suited for their vehicle. 

After all, every owner uses their vehicle differently. Individuals who only use their vehicles to run errands do not need to purchase the same coverage as individuals who take multiple cross-country road trips every year.

What Can Customers Expect with Claims at CarGuard? 

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[Alt Text: A picture of cars driving on the freeway at sunset.] 

Claims made to CarGuard will ease the process for repair centers to file claims on behalf of their customers. If the vehicle is stolen or severely damaged, the repair center will have to file a motor vehicle claim with the insurance provider. Included among the information that the repair center will be required to provide the company is:

• Date vehicle was taken to the facility

• Policy number

• Name of the customer

• The vehicle’s full VIN 

• Cause of the issue; why the vehicle was taken in 

• How the vehicle will be repaired

In addition, the shop should identify itself with the name and address of the facility. The name, shop number, and phone number of the service advisor should also be provided. 

The process of filing with the insurance company can be challenging for the staff members at repair centers who are already busy.  

Thankfully, the new service provided by CarGuard Administration enables ASE-certified repair centers to complete a brief form online concerning the customer’s situation with the vehicle. 

The duration of the process is just a few minutes, and CarGuard Administration handles the rest. The service is open for use seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The service is even available on major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Once CarGuard receives the information, the auto claim will be expeditiously facilitated. This innovative feature makes it easier for the repair centers to file a motor vehicle claim and get back to their best work.