Casinos in the EU




Casinos have always been a popular pastime in Europe, and the gambling market is now estimated at a whopping 84 billion euros per year. During the last few years, the industry has moved further towards the online world, with nearly 7 million players in the EU partaking in this form of entertainment. By 2012, it was obvious that the industry was skyrocketing with 12% of the gambling revenue coming from online casinos. Since then the percentage has continued to rise, with revenues hitting 13 billion euros per year just from online gambling.



Online gambling in the EU is regulated by a number of different frameworks depending on the country. Some countries hold a monopoly within their jurisdiction, making it very hard for any other companies to make any inroads. Other countries have licensing systems in place that allow more than one different company to be involved in the industry. is an excellent source of information in this area and provides details on the different European casinos that are available.



Overtime, more European countries have changed the way their gambling system works in order to accommodate this growing desire for online entertainment. This is because many of the individual countries are unable to adequately provide safe environments in which to play. This is where the European Commission comes into play. The Commission simply regulates the crossing nature of online gambling, ensuring that key areas are covered in order to provide the best interests for all. In order to do this, the Commission focuses on creating regulations within each nation, helping with enforcement and administration and also working to prevent fraud. It aids in keeping any customers safe from such acts, ensuring a secure playing environment.