Casual Culture, Yellow Tie Service

A business’ internal culture often defines the business itself and its achievements. Several famous companies like Google, Zappos and Pixar have capitalized on internal culture to create their success. With this in mind, we decided early on that we had to create a strong culture that would represent who we are and how we’re unique. We wanted something that we could relate to and would inspire our work. We wanted a culture so fantastic that it would overflow into conversations with our customers and would make us relatable on a personal level. This culture would unify us and turn into the personality of our brand. Our personality and success, we believe, start from within.

To create this personality, we started off by hiring the best team members and making sure they could feel comfortable expressing themselves. We celebrate our team members and their achievements to show them that they are here to bring their unique talents to the table.

One important step we took was to abandon strict dress codes and, instead, encourage everyone to dress freely, setting the tone of full comfort and self-expression. We also hold monthly celebrations and various contests throughout the year, which allow us to get to know each other better. Our open-door policy encourages everyone to visit and learn about other departments throughout the company. When it comes to the generation of ideas, there is no hierarchy for whose ideas are listened to and implemented. We have employed great ideas from both seasoned managers and new team members. The integration of everyone into all parts of our business ensures that we are unified and proud of what we represent. If we can relate to our company, we can express who we are when relating to our customers.

Our relatability is a major trait of our personality and allows us to serve our customers in the best way we can. While it’s important that our customers are able to relate to us, it’s even more important that we can relate to our customers. A huge part of the way we do business is that we can put ourselves in a customer’s shoes (sometimes literally, as we are encouraged to wear slippers).

You may be familiar with the human embodiment of our personality known as The Professor. Our smart, lovable mascot represents our company’s ideals of a fun, casual culture and great service. His signature yellow bow tie is a symbol for our service. While we are bright and fun, we get down to business when helping our customers. We want to be a provider who delivers excellent service while remaining fun, comfortable and relatable.



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