Causes of Workplace Injury and Tips to Prevent Them




No matter what the occupation is, workers are faced with numerous safety and health risks in the workplace. From the fast-paced nature of field work to the sedentary lifestyle of a desk job, employees are faced with the risk for workplace injury. Among business sectors, Agriculture grabs the most number of workplace injuries, with Champion Law Group stating that “those involved in agriculture are about seven times more likely to die at work from a farming accident, as well as 40% more likely to get seriously injured on the job” followed by Construction, and then Transport. Meanwhile, the lowest occupation injury rates belong to Finance and Education.

Workplace injuries are detrimental not only to the employee, but also to the company itself. Although they are possible, occupational accidents can significantly be avoided.




Slips, trips, and falls from heights

Slips and trips can occur in any work environment, which are often caused by wet, slippery floors or walkway obstacles. While fall from heights can also happen in office buildings, it is a common workplace accident in the construction site, where there may be inadequate scaffolding and broken ladders.

To avoid slipping, always make sure to put up “Watch Your Step” signs and clear walkways of any clutter. Meanwhile, falls can be prevented by always ensuring all equipment, handrails, and stairwells are properly maintained.


Toppling objects

Equipment and tools that are not stored securely are often causes of injured workers. Unlike stationary objects, falling objects do more harm to an individual due to the force that’s gained as they fall. This is a common occurrence in a construction site, and should be prevented by ensuring that all machinery and equipment are kept in a secure location after use.



Roadway accidents

Roadway accidents often occur in the transport industry, as in a company vehicle, yet they can also happen in any other industry, as in getting hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian. To keep such accidents at bay, make sure to wear a seatbelt while driving. Employers are also entitled to hire truck drivers with proper training.


Repetitive motion

Some of the most common workplace injuries include sprains, strains, and injuries to the head, neck, and back — and these are often due to repetitive motions required by a certain job. Even workers on their desks experience injuries just by facing the computer, stuffing envelopes, and taking phone calls all day. Taking frequent breaks and practicing proper ergonomics in one’s office space can effectively keep off such hazards.


Drug abuse in workplace

The use of illicit drugs and substances in the workplace does not only affect the individual but also the overall productivity and safety of the company. Since drug and alcohol abuse causes lack of focus, impaired concentrations, and errors in judgment, an occupation with drug abusive employees are more likely to obtain and inflict injuries in the workplace. Implementing drug screening tests during the hiring process can help minimize drug-related issues within the company in the future.

In cases of injury in the workplace, workers are eligible for compensation benefits as stipulated by the Department of Labor and Training. But as they always say, prevention is better than cure. As an employer, it is your responsibility to keep a safe working environment for your employees. At the end of the day, it is your business that benefits from it in the long run.