CEO Michael Kleinman of Redefines Innovation By Super Julie Braun


Tell us about your Company:  

Michael Kleinman CEO is an Entrepreneur, Bitcoin enthusiast, and 7 years payment processing experience through Visa and Mastercard.

 Our firm is located in Brickell, FL.  We have ten on site employees currently.  We have an optical store called Eyetrust Vision; where my co-founder, doctor Chrycy see’s patients daily.

We work with many different companies that help us with branding Mason Eyewear, and establish our dominance in the marketplace. Namely, Chambers Advertising Solutions in California built and maintained our website from the ground up. Co-Founded by James Chambers, and my co-founder of Mason Eyewear; James plays a major role in our marketing efforts, offsite and onsite.

What type and size of companies do you have as clients?                                                                     Our clients are primarily individuals purchasing our online eyewear and products.

What comes to mind when you think of “breaking the mold” in business?                   Breaking the mold is doing something innovative, that nobody else is currently doing.  Our biggest innovation is accepting Bitcoin, a virtual currency that is accepted on our site, and has seen much popularity over recent months with huge fluctuations.  Some call this the future of money, similarly to the internet was the future of search starting back in 1995.

What are the best practices for being innovative and on the cutting edge?                     Listen and learn from your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to take chances; if you do, you can WIN. If you never take a chance and think outside the box, you’ll always stay in the same place or worse.  Be willing to change, be like water and just flow with everything.

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