Changing your Crosshairs in CS GO



A big part of what makes CS GO a special game is the fact that it lets its community add their own personal touch. One such a feature is represented by the ability to change your crosshairs so you can even use your favorite csgo pro crosshairs. It’s actually very easy to change your crosshairs but some players are finding it difficult to find the appropriate settings. Let’s get straight to it and see how you can change your CS GO crosshairs right away.

There are two ways in which the crosshairs can be changed and it depends on each players how they find it easier to do it. One solution would be to go through the game’s menus and select the appropriate options from there whereas the second solution would have the player use the game’s console in order to pretty much manually change their crosshairs. Here is how you can do it in both ways.

Changing the crosshairs from the settings

For some players this is the easier method since they’re more used t using the settings. In order to change your crosshairs from the settings, simply go to the game’s Options menu. From there, access Game Settings followed by HUD Options which will give you access to all the settings related to the various elements that pop on screen during a match. From this menu you should be able to see multiple options from crosshairs and you can choose between them.

Changing the crosshairs from the console

If you’re the kind of player that doesn’t really mess with game options that much and you’d rather do it from the console, you can do that too. For those that use the console more often it can be a lot easier and on hand to use the console. If you use the console you probably know this already but for those that don’t the game console can be enabled from the Game Settings menu, through the Developer console toggle. Once you enter the console, you have multiple options at your disposal when it comes to how exactly you intend to change them. Let’s take a look at some specific console commands that you can choose to change the crosshairs. There are even more available but these are among the most popular throughout the community.

cl_crosshairstyle – Toggle styles for crosshairs between multiple options

cl_crosshaircolor_b  – Blue RBG value
cl_crosshaircolor_r – Red RGB value
cl_crosshaircolor_g – Green RGB value
cl_crosshairdot  – Middle dot toggle

cl_crosshairgap – Crosshair gap line setting
cl_crosshairsize – Crosshair size

cl_crosshairalpha – Transparency settings
cl_crosshaircolor – Color cycler

You can have some gun with these commands to you can look up some more for what you can do with the console in terms of customizing your crosshairs. Crosshairs are very important and they are very impactful on the way in which you get to aim and shoot enemy players therefore it’s in your best interest to get the best crosshair settings down.