Choosing Electronic Point of Sale System for Business


Do you want to purchase an electronic POS System for your business? You have undoubtedly seen several brochures and websites and seen dozens of pos systems. But that does not make it any easier. Because how do you know which electronic pos system now best meets the needs of your clothing store, restaurant, pub, convenience store or supermarket? Below are some attention points to make that choice easier.

  1. Purchase electronic POS System: The Budget

Of course, a new pos system must fit within your budget. Not to mention: sometimes it is better to invest in a slightly more expensive type with more useful functionalities than to automatically go to the cheapest counter. Why? These extra functions can save a lot of time and minimize the chance of errors and fraud. Result: a hefty money saving.


  1. In which sector are you active?

Your sector has very specific characteristics, and your business has very specific needs. Logically, therefore, that you purchase a point of sale system tailored to your activities, products and target group. Catering, retail, supermarket or bakery, there is a pos system for every business.

  1. How many different products do you offer?

If you offer a lot of products, it may be useful to get a checkout with a touchscreen. This allows you to decide yourself how many buttons appear on the touch screen, and to tune each button to a specific product or product group. In this way, the cashier will work more fluently, make fewer mistakes and the waiting time at the pos will be shortened. And that is something that customers certainly appreciate. Anything else. Who says a lot of products also says: a large stock. With customized POS software you can effortlessly monitor your stock.

  1. About how much space do you have?

Not unimportant, that question. After all, you do not want to sacrifice your workspace or counter for an excessively large POS. So first look at the size of pos software that fits your business. Be reassured, for example: there are very compact POS systems with very extensive possibilities.


  1. Should the POS Software be connected to a computer?

We have already mentioned stock management above. In many cases this is only possible when pos software is linked to a computer. And that offers a lot of advantages: you can let your pos automatically indicate when a product is (almost) exhausted, and the computer will automatically place an order. You have different branches? If you link all of them in each branch to a central computer, you can manage each store perfectly, as if you were in each branch at the same time.

  1. Which options are still useful?

The possibilities are many on a smart checkout system:

  • manage reservations
  • manage the stock
  • placing orders
  • manage customer cards
  • manage promotions and discounts
  1. Some Benefits you get in POS Software
  • Customer service: A customer display can be added to increase the ease of use to customers. The follow-up of the customers can be done via the customer card module. Discounts on products can easily be assigned via the touchscreen.
  • Flexible external links: The barcode scanner can be linked to enable a quick sale and the printing of the receipt ensures efficient handling. Offering various payment options is self-evident.
  • Easy to use: A clear interface that can be used on the touch screen or tablet but also simply with a computer and mouse. This allows everyone to operate the cash register, even if you get help in the store.
  • Automatic inventory management: Sold goods are automatically processed in the invoicing software that manages the stock. This means that looking up the stock of a certain product is always accurate. A detailed daily report of all sales is always available from anywhere.
  • Safe and trustworthy: The link to the automatic opening of the cash drawer ensures a secure feeling at the cashiers and the breakdown of payments and return of change makes mistakes almost impossible. Link a payment terminal to make no mistakes during checkout.
  • Personalized box ticket: Both the company logo and other items can be added, such as the indication of the payment method, the change or the breakdown by VAT rates.
  1. Conclusion

Choosing the right computer repository takes time and effort, but it ultimately yields a lot of benefits for your company as an entrepreneur. Our advice is to follow the above seven steps when purchasing a new system or replacing an existing system. This increases the chance that you choose the right system for your company.

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