Chrome Extensions – What Do You Need To Know


Before you start looking at chrome extensions, you need to understand what it means. Chrome extensions are software programs that can be added to your Google Chrome browser. But why do you need it? Well, it makes your browsing experience unique and personalized. Built using HTML, JAVASCRIPT, etc. – the goal of such software is to increase the functionality of your browser. Different kinds of extensions are available online. Every extension has a single purpose which it needs to be fulfilled. 


It can have multiple facets, but they all need to work harmoniously to make you fulfill your purpose. You do not have to depend on the available content on the internet to use an extension. You have to download the file and run it to use any extension. Now that you have a brief idea about extensions, let look at some of the best extensions that you can get for your Google Chrome browser!



1. Adblock



What is that one thing that bothers you when you open any web page? Advertisements! It cannot be delightful to encounter ads daily. This is why you need an ‘AdBlock’ extension. As the name suggests, this extension helps you to block all the unwanted ads easily. All you have to do is to install it and check out the results. The webpages that you will be visiting will become more sorted and appear less cluttered. Moreover, this extension allows you to see how many ads are being blocked. You can even customize it to your liking and exclude a few web pages from getting their ads blocked.



2. Checkout Saver



The next extension on the list is the Checkout saver extension. It will help you combine all the gift cards and discounts whenever you are shopping online. This is a significant extension because it can help you to save a lot of money. Often, people forget about coupons, and these coupons get expired. But Checkout Saver keeps a check on it and makes sure that this doesn’t happen. You can add checkout Saver Chrome Extension quite easily in case you want to be more financially responsible. 



3. Lazarus



It is quite common to make rookie mistakes, such as going back to the previous page without submitting a form online. As a result, you have to spend a lot of time to fill the form out again. But now you do not have to worry about it. Lazarus Chrome Extension helps you out in such situations. Even if you have accidentally closed such web pages, you can revive the data.



4. Black Menu



Apart from the chrome coupon extension, you can use the Black Menu Chrome Extension. It is one of the best extension software in case you want to work on different things simultaneously. You can check out your email while reading a new article. Moreover, it helps you declutter your webpages as you do not have to open many tabs.



5. Hide YouTube Comments



While you look at YouTube videos, you may often get distracted by the comments posted below. To avoid such situations to focus on the video, you can add the Hide Youtube Comments extension. If you have kids at your place, this extension is handy for you. When you do not want your children to get exposed to abusive content, this software can come in handy.



6. Grammarly



It is essential to check a document for grammatical errors first before you send it to anyone. In case you want something that is quick and can help you find out the mistakes easily, you can choose the Grammarly extension. You do not have to open the website separately if you have the extension. It is rapid and can highlight all the grammatical errors in an instant. There is even a web editor feature where you can check for errors in contents from other sources.



7. Ghostery



How checkout saver chrome extension helps you save your money, Ghostery enables you to protect your data. Whenever you visit any websites, you leave behind your digital footprints. Certain websites have unique trackers that can trace your online activity. To protect your privacy, you can use Ghostery. This extension helps one to surf websites safely. Apart from this, you can also use it to block unwanted ads. 



8. Awesome Screenshot



It is not easy to take a screenshot on your laptop as it is on your phone. But that problem can be easily solved with the Awesome Screenshot extension. You can add this extension to your browser and take a complete screenshot of any webpage that is available online. This screenshot will be saved for later use, and you can share it with whomever you want to share it with. It makes your life simple as it makes taking screenshots on your laptop a tad bit easier.


How Can You Download An Extension?


Chrome coupon extension and the rest of the extensions can be easily downloaded.


Here Are The Steps Of What You Will Need To Do:


  1. You first have to visit the Chrome Web Store online.
  2. There you will find several different options for extension. You have to browse and find the right one that serves your needs.
  3. The next step is to find the ‘add to chrome option. After you have found it, click on it.
  4. You might find some extensions that require additional permissions. You have to add then the extension’ option to permit the software to run on your desktop.




Now that you have a brief idea about what are the extensions and how to use them? What are you waiting for? The purpose of extensions is to prioritize functionality and make web browsing experience feasible for people. Most of the popular extensions have an extremely user-friendly interface, and hence, it will be easy for you to work with it. Through all the descriptions and analyses, one can quickly get rid of the unwanted ads. Also, through the extension process, the protected browsing as well.