Clever Ways to Get Customers: Michele Smith


Kevin Price of, which is the website for the Price of Business Show on Bloomberg’s home in Houston, TX recently interviewed Michele Smith, CEO of M Communications and M Com Publishing. Michele is a published author, speaker and an award winning marketing professional. She has appeared on Rachael Ray, Success Magazine, National NBC Money show and much more. As a seasoned publicist, her clients have been featured in MORE Magazine, Ebony, ABC & FOX National News, CNN and many other outlets in various local markets.

Price is also the Host of the Price of Business, which airs on Bloomberg’s home in Houston, TX, Business Radio 1110 AM KTEK.

Tell me about your firm.

We are a team of 6 and work with small to medium sized businesses. We are located in El Dorado Hills, CA.

Tell us your story about clever things you have done to get a customer?

Sending a mass email out to LINKED IN connections. Asking how we could help them first in the email and following up with what we do and what marketing and PR solutions we can provide.

Do you know of other examples of clever things businesses have done to get customers?

No. Another thing we do though is send out a weekly newsletter called the M-DASH. It is written out magazine style vs. overly salesly – i.e. read my blog, buy my book etc. We give out free tips and tricks and clients sign up for our services as a result.

What lessons, if any, do you derive from these stories? Don’t be overly salesy and do not be afraid of your competition. People work with who they want to work with.

Are you actively looking at other clever ways to get customers? If so, where do you research such ideas? Do you have any other creative projects in the works?

Always. I always test strategies and look at the results. I actively research what my competition is working on. I am currently working with a client who has hired me to do a PR campaign regarding Starbucks ousting 158 small business owners nationwide.

Contact information:,,, 916.939.3344.