Clever Ways to Reach C-Level Executives for Business- Sean Halter


Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston) recently interviewed  Sean Halter.

About the interviewee

Sean Halter is the CEO of Connectivity Agency, a digital and traditional media buying agency with campaigns in nearly 75 markets across the United States. As the CEO of Connectivity, Sean sets course for his agency’s clients to utilize proven media planning and buying strategies to get the most out of today’s ever changing media landscape.

Tell me about your firm (number of employees, location, type of companies you work with, etc.).

Connectivity Agency is a 10-person Media Buying agency located in Tampa Bay, Fla. and servicing both national and local accounts with media planning and buying.
Our clients range from national brands like WWE, Pabst Brewing, Melting Pot, First Watch Restaurants and Live Nation, to local accounts like Gold & Diamond Source and The BR Law Team

As one of the fastest growing media buying agencies in Florida, Connectivity Marketing & Media was founded in 2009 and employs a staff of 10 in Tampa Bay. Our agency is known for our ability to not only ensure franchised brands remain relevant to consumers on the national stage, but that they are just as connected to target audiences at the local level as well.
With just the right mix of traditional, digital and experiential marketing, clients like The Melting Pot, Pabst Blue Ribbon, WWE and First Watch Restaurants among others are seeing impressive results. In addition to commonly utilized mediums, like television and radio, we encourage seamless integration of unexplored, yet complimentary, formats that range from Pandora and Google initiatives to custom-wrapped vehicles, outdoor chalk campaigns or even hand-painted murals. Our seasoned industry experts offer a utilize their specialized insight, knowledge and long-standing relationships with media partners to give clients best possible chance effectively eliminate media that would reach those customers who are not inclined to buy, giving them the best opportunity to focus their efforts on core customers from the start

Tell us your story about reaching C-Level executives to do business?

CEO’s and CMO’s are typically the ones who better understand our value proposition as well as are the ultimate decision makers on utilizing a media buying agency.
Do you know of other examples of businesses being creative in this endeavor?
We see good examples of companies and reps doing the most important step of providing clear up front features and benefits to using their services.

What lessons, if any, do you derive from these stories?

I think the lesson is selling to C level executives is no different than sell B2C. People want to do business with people and Businesses they know like and trust, what’s changed is how you connect to them. Give them a reason to know, like, or trust you and they are more likely to give you an opportunity.

Tell us about the type of companies with which you like to do business.

Companies that want to efficiently manage their media dollars are the best partners for our company. We are proud and excited to serve as the go-to partner for franchised brands that need specialized knowledge, strength and a systematic approach to their national and local market media buying.

What suggestions do you have for others trying to reach CEOs.

Be yourself! Be available and be persistent. At the same time realize these individuals are people just like the rest of us but with a lot more pressure. You may have the best service or product in the world but helping a CEO to understand the value of his or her time spent with us is the most critical piece. You don’t call a restaurant at lunch rush to talk about something you want to sell him or her (a lesson I learned my first week in the business.)

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