Clever Ways to Reach C-Level Executives for Business- Stephen Robert Morse


Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston) recently interviewed Stephen Robert Morse.

About the interviewee.

Stephen Robert Morse, member of the founding team, and Head of Marketing, Communications, and Advertising at SkillBridge. Our web site is

Tell me about your firm (number of employees, location, type of companies you work with, etc.).

We are based in New York City but we have consultants working for us all around the world. We work with everyone from small startups to large corporations to businesses that haven’t even been launched yet.  We now have 6 employees and are growing.

Tell us your story about reaching C-Level executives to do business?

Oftentimes, we meet C-Level executives at conferences and other places of business. Other times, we are introduced by other C-Level executives. Oftentimes, we check the alumni boards of the universities we attended and search for C-Level executives.

Do you know of other examples of businesses being creative in this endeavor?


Tell us why it is important to for you to pitch to the CEO.

One challenge for us is convincing CEOsthat they don’t have to go out and spend tons of money to hire a large firmto get a consulting job done. We also need to earn their trust, as we are amarketplace of elite freelance business consultants. I am happy to discussthis more as needed.

What are some unique things you have done to get the attention of CEOs?

We have combed through the alumni databases of the university’s we’ve attended and searched for keywords like CEO. This has helped us get in touch with many wonderful people, and we’ve created some great relationships this way.

Tell us about the type of companies with which you like to do business.

We work with everyone from small startups to large corporations to businesses that haven’t even been launched yet.  We like to do business with anyone who wants to save money and wants to grow their business. We need people to realize that they can trust an online company to deliver them the best business consultants, whether virtually, or in person.

What suggestions do you have for others trying to reach CEOs.

Practice your pitch many times before delivering it to a CEO. They don’t have time for nonsense, so don’t give them nonsense.

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Stephen Robert Morse