College Seniors to Senior Citizens – Rethinking Internships With the Intern



This weekend, September 25th, marks the release of new film The Intern. The movie, starring Academy Award winners Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway, takes a modern twist on the average intern story. Ben Whittaker (DeNiro), a retired senior and not the typical ‘senior’ one might think of when they hear the word internship, takes an intern position at Jules Ostin’s (Hathaway) new age company. Jules is at first hesitant about Ben becoming an intern. Due to her preconceived prejudices, Jules believes that Ben’s old age would make his work knowledge outdated and useless to the company. However, Jules soon realizes his life time of experience surpasses his lack of knowledge on the modern ways of the job and finds that she has a lot to learn from him.  The two then become a cohesive pair in the film with Jules teaching Ben about the new and Ben teaching Jules about the old. This is what an internship should be all about, everyone learning together through the experience to improve. Founder and CEO Super Julie Braun has a similar philosophy of mixing the old with the new, stating that, “an older experience intern can bring things to a business that will be unexpected and often lead the company to greatness. While younger, new interns can provide innovation and new ideas that can also help businesses succeed. It’s really unfortunate that we haven’t tapped in to this powerful people resource because it is abundant and they are accessible everywhere”.

For interns of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life internships can be an opportunity for people to learn, grow, and offer a plethora of benefits to everyone involved. It’s a chance to get real experience in a person’s chosen field, gain new skills, and begin networking for that big desk with the shiny name plate that everyone sees themselves at one day. For businesses, it’s a chance to gain new insight, add more people power to projects, and scout for talent. But if the public keep thinking of interns as Jules did, with preconceived prejudices about a person or what an intern “should” be, then this incredible experience is lost on everyone.

As Super Julie always says, “Internships have the ability to change the world!”


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