Commercial Bar Stool Buying Guide


In a bar business, considering the right bar stool is of utmost importance. If not managed well, you might lose your client. Therefore, before buying, you should understand different bar tools and their respective dimensions to satisfy your customer.

Nonetheless, the bar tools are not just a reason for increasing clients; it can also provide a luxury look to your restaurant. You will get excellent feedback from clients by proper choosing. Who does not enjoy their drink in a comfortable bar stool?

When not aware of it, you might spend a boatload of cash on a non-fitting bar stool that might affect the customer’s comfort, thus becoming a reason for less profit. Therefore, before buying these commercial bar stools, you should look at their buying to save your hard-earned cash. So, without any ado, let’s dive into its buying guide.


Seat Height

Everyone’s bar height differs from each other. Therefore, choosing too small or too tall might make your bar stool useless. To avoid this problem, you should understand the different height standards of bar stools. The restaurant bar chairs are available in four standards; short, counter, bar, and extra tall. Each of them is engineered to match different table heights.

Short height

If your table is 28-33-inch high, you should consider buying short bar tools that are 16-23-inch high.

Counter height

If your bar table is 35-39-inch high, the right choice for you is counter height bar stools. These bar stools are 24-27-inch high.

Bar height

If your bar tables are 41-43-inch high, the bar height will fit those. With 41-43-inch height, these bar stools offer some real comfort to their users.

Extra-tall bar height

In most cases, the bars offer a drink on 44-47-inch-high counters. If that’s the case with your bar, you should consider buying extra-tall stools that offer seating at 28-33-inch height. To buy the right one, you should measure the table’s height in your bar and choose in between them. 

Bar Stool’s Width

Generally, the bar stool widths are 21-inch, 17-inch, and 15-inch. You can choose in between them according to your space. It immensely impacts your business. The widths of the bar stools can increase and decrease the number of stools that can be kept. So, before buying consider this aspect seriously as it’s a matter of getting more or fewer customers.

We suggest that you leave 25 – 30-inch space between the centres of each stool from our experience. By doing this, you will end up having 6-inch space in between stools that will allow you to get in and out quickly along with the free movement of hands. However, if there are wider stools, you should keep the distance 8 – 10-inches between them.


Stackable bar stools are preferred for easy cleaning and allowing more storage, but safety is essential. Make sure that you stack fewer bar stools and follow safety guidelines. Remember, it might look like it will not fall, but some will always get them down.


Swivel stools are mostly used close to counters because it offers customers more range of motion. While giving the best view, these stools are quite comfortable and useful in conversations.


Every client requires comfortable seating when enjoying their drink. Therefore, each area of your bar requires a suitable bar stool. The different heights and widths of these bar stools are also designed to fit the different heights of tables. If it is not correctly done, your customers might end up sitting too high from the table or too low. Therefore, considering all these aspects before buying a bar stool is very crucial.