Commercial Building Problems That Should Never be Ignored


Choosing to disregard maintenance issues in a commercial building can present a number of challenges and have detrimental effects. If you don’t have a secure and safe commercial building, it’ll also be difficult to find tenants who will be willing to rent out the property. Like in most circumstances, choosing to neglect these problems, no matter how small, can result in the issue growing worse. In extreme causes, a prolonged issue could even render your building as no longer safe for commercial usage. Here are eight common commercial building maintenance problems that you should never ignore. 


Gas Leak 

Gas leaks are among the most alarming maintenance issues, and should never be taken lightly. They can present an immediate health hazard for people to become seriously ill, and in some cases, it can be life-threatening. Warning signs to watch out for include a distinct smell, visibility damaged or broken pipes, or a hissing or blowing sound of escaping gas. If any of these signs are apparent or an employee suspects a gas leak, take immediate action by evacuating the building and contacting emergency personnel to eliminate any safety hazards and further damage to the building. 


Water Leakages 

Water leakages in commercial properties can be caused by a variety of factors, including damaged windows, damaged pipes, roof leaks, sprinkler system leaks, and extreme weather. While some of these water damage issues are unavoidable, most issues can be prevented when the source of the water damage is found early. Ignoring water damage can cause rot and mildew to form and may weaken the structure of the building overtime. Leakages that are specifically coming from sewer clogs or toilets can distribute harmful bacteria and other pathogens, making it a serious health hazard for employees or visitors within the building. In the unfortunate event that your building becomes water damaged by extreme weather, reaching out to services such as HL restoration can be a safe option to professionally repair the issue. It’s important to remember that failure to attend to any found leaks could result in relocating tenants as well as a severe loss of income. 



When compared to other commercial building maintenance problems, pests aren’t usually considered as a critical issue. However, it can certainly be unpleasant for both existing and prospective employees, and can even harm the reputation of a business if they are visible to customers and external visitors. Rodents and bugs can also physically affect business resources or products, such as through chewing or leaving droppings in shipments. Rodents are also known to gnaw electrical equipment which can create fire hazards and compromise the safety of those who are inside the building. To avoid any dissatisfaction and uphold safety for both employees, visitors, and customers, ensure to implement pest preventative methods and dispose of any unwanted invaders as soon as possible with professional assistance. 


Damaged Elevators or Stairways 

Working elevators and stairways are vital for several reasons. Without a working elevator, you will most likely experience a handful of complaints, and more importantly, those with disabilities will be unable to get to specific floors of the building. Unkempt stairways can become easily covered with debris, dust, or even welcome pests, making them a fire hazard. Likewise, broken or damaged stairways will not be safe to use in the case of an emergency. For a safe and functional commercial environment, it’s vital to keep elevators and stairways clean, clear, and running smoothly at all times. 


Defective Door Locks

As a commercial building owner, you will know all too well the importance of keeping your property secure to prevent theft and damage. However, faulty door locks are often overlooked. Even the slightest fault in a door lock could increase the chance of a break-in. If this happens, you could be liable for the goods that are stolen, including any valuables that are left in offices by employees. For peace of mind for both yourself and the people who occupy your building during the week, ensure to add additional protection to your property such as installing intruder alarms or security cameras around your building. 


Electrical Faults 

Due to their often complex wiring systems, commercial buildings are susceptible to electrical errors. Discovering an electrical fault in a commercial building should be a cause for alarm – a prolonged electrical issue could increase the possibility of a personal injury or even fire. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to carry out regular routine checks and to note down any recurring electrical issues. Alongside presenting hazardous situations, electrical faults can cause the inconvenience of power loss and flickering or dimming lights, all of which the employees inside the building will not appreciate while working. While some electrical issues can be fixed and replaced by yourself, more intricate problems could require the expertise of a trained electrician.


Structural Problems

Structural movements that can result in cracks are most commonly caused by tree root growth, a collapsed drain, subsidence or shrinkage. Regardless of how small they may be, new cracks within your commercial building should always be investigated. A new crack doesn’t always necessarily indicate that there is a structural problem, but it could mean that there is potentially an underlying issue in your building that needs attention. To best maintain your building, it’s also crucial to look out for structural changes such as leaning walls, bulging, or sagging tiles. 


Poor Exterior Appearance 

Just like residential buildings, commercial buildings need curb appeal, too. Poor lighting, ageing or peeling paint, dirty windows, as well as faded and torn awnings can give a negative first impression to both tenants and important visitors to their company. In particular, poor lighting in areas surrounding your building such as parking lots could trigger liability claims if a personal injury were to occur while on your premises. What’s more, an unprofessional appearance could make your building more vulnerable to vandalism or trespassing. Simple but effective exterior design changes could be the difference between finding and losing tenants  – use techniques such as landscaping, repainting, and installing new lights for a newly enhanced exterior.