Common Bingo Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Bingo may sound like a straightforward game, and in simple terms, it is just that! However, like with every game, there are always some tips, tricks, or strategies that can make the game go just a bit more smoothly or give you a higher chance of winning! You might be surprised to learn that bingo is no exception to that! 


While this fun and social game consists of a simple strategy of calling out numbers and marking them off on your paper in a bid to win prizes, some skills go into it such as focus and hand-eye coordination. There are also some tips with things to look out for that can improve your game.


Whether you are new to bingo, or just want to refine what you know, have a look at these common bingo mistakes to be avoided so you can play at your bingo best! 


 Choose Vetted and Reviewed Websites


 Most things, including games, have progressed to have the option online now, which is great for choice and variety! However, it also means that some sites are either not worth playing or can also be a scam. To avoid making the mistake of picking a dodgy bingo website, use a trusted reviewing platform to find the best bingo sites for a real game!


 Avoid Drinking Alcohol


It is not the most fun of recommendations for sure, but we all know that alcohol can impair our judgement, focus, and memory, which is why it is illegal to drive a car over the alcohol-safe limit. This very much directly translates to other activities in our life (though playing bingo inebriated is far less deadly!)


That being said, if the goal is to be on top form, then opt for a soft drink instead of your usual tipple so your brain can work at full capacity, which can help make sure you do not miss a number, line, or even a full house!



Avoid Superstition with Games


Superstition is everywhere, and when it comes to games, especially involved with some type of gambling, the idea of infusing superstition in a game can be hard to resist! Superstition usually goes along the lines of “I won on Tuesday, so Tuesday is my lucky day” or holding on to a lucky charm with the belief that it will influence the game. Superstition and gambling are grouped as a psychological phenomenon labelled “magical thinking” where we believe that a certain action will provide a certain outcome.


It is clear why this might not be the most efficient approach to playing and enjoying a game of bingo, and from a strategic point of view, would not be very helpful for conscious decision-making or improving judgement. So, try and leave your superstition at the door!


Do Not Overcomplicate Bingo


There is no need to complicate bingo! There are over 500 million potential combinations that can win at bingo and trying to work out a strategy for these is a waste of effort. While there are important skills you can practice, there are only so many skills you can develop before you have to leave the game to chance and just enjoy it. That way, you can focus on simple goals and not lose any more money than necessary.