Comparing Different Testosterone Boosters- Which Supplement works better?


Nugenix and Prime Male are popular testosterone boosters that are aimed at individuals who want to attain more lean muscle, libido, energy and to restore their testosterone levels to normal levels in a completely safe and natural way.

Prime Male

Prime Male is a highly ranked testosterone booster that is specially designed to increase strength, lean muscle mass, sex drive and energy. Benefits of the Prime Male booster include increased self-esteem and confidence, restored manhood and increased libido.

It is also beneficial for promoting better prostrate health, controlling blood sugar levels, lowering blood sugar and enhancing bone strength. Prime Male is known for its ability to promote healthier skin and improve cognitive function.


Nugenix is a supplement that boosts testosterone and has been created or the purpose of promoting testosterone production. The supplement consists of ingredients that enhance blood flow and enables users to achieve and retain an erection as well as general increased sexual desire. It is known for helping to boost the hormone, which improvise health and wellbeing. Nugenix causes an increase in levels of endurance for exercise, increases libido and boosts energy.

Prime Male Formula

Prime Male contains an impressive list of ingredients. With claims of the best form and equality of every ingredient that it contains, more consumers are being drawn to the potent combination of scientifically proven ingredients and worthwhile dosages.

  • Prime Male ingredients include Korean red ginseng that decreases glucose levels and boosts the immune system, Boron that works by reducing estrogen and increasing free testosterone and Zinc citrate, which is a luteinizing hormone.
  • Nettle root supports the elevation of testosterone, Mucuna Pruriens prevents free testosterone from depleting, Bio-Perine increases the body’s absorption rate, D-Aspartic acid is a key component of stimulating testosterone production and Magnesium citrate reduces SHBG.
  • Some of the essential vitamins include Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B6, which sends signals to testes to begin producing more testosterone by stimulating androgen receptors. For more information, go to

Nugenix Formula

Nugenix ingredients include vitamin B12 that supports the nervous system and brain, vitamin B6, zinc and Testofen, which is a fenugreek supplement. L-Citrulline Malate is another important Nugenix ingredient that works well towards fighting fatigue. This ingredient is helpful for workouts, reduces soreness and increases sessions while improving recovery.

Ingredient Comparisons

Comparisons between Nugenix and Prime Male show that both the supplements contain Vitamin B6 and zinc but the supplements vary in terms of the number of ingredients. Also known as D-AA, D-Aspartic Acid is a proven and powerful ingredient that boosts levels of testosterone.

The D-AA in Prime Male is a chelate form that is considered to be more effective and potent than conventional D-AA. It works by releasing follicle and growth stimulating hormone that facilitates a drastic increase in the levels of testosterone. This amino acid plays a vital role in sex hormone production and sperm count.

Side Effects

Nugenix is generally safe for human consumption and does not lead to harmful side effects. Prime Male is not linked to any adverse side effects since it contains all-natural ingredients and no harmful stimulants.


Prime Male is a powerful testosterone booster that contains an exemplary ingredient formulation. It is high quality and has an extensive list of ingredients. Nugenix is an effective testosterone booster that yields positive results and reviews although it lacks some of the ingredients in Prime Male’s formulation. Prime Male and Nugenix are available for purchase online.