Comparison of 4G and 5G Technology


5G has revolutionized the game of the telecommunication industry with its exceptionally fast internet speed and promising coverage. It is the future of cellular technology with the intent of offering maximum and better coverage, responsiveness, reliability, and speed. Moreover, it is not just about speed but also low latency. This is the reason that 5G is rapidly taking over the cellular industry and for all the right reasons. The purpose of 5G being more clear and thorough connectivity between people and devices. The emergence of 5G technology does not necessarily mean that 4G is done. It will be wrong to say that 5G technology will entirely replace the 4G technology rather it is more of complementary technology. With the two working together, you are likely to experience better speeds. When it comes to current networks, many effective providers are available. You can check out spectrum internet packages to look out for the most effective offers. Here we have a thorough comparison of 5G and 4G technology to bring forth a more thorough outlook.



Latency is defined as the time interval between when the video is clicked and it starts playing. It is the response time when the request is sent to the network and the network responds by either directing you to the website or playing the clicked video. This response time usually takes around 20 milliseconds as far as rest of the networks are concerned. However, in the case of 5G technology, it usually takes only one to two milliseconds. This is one of the striking features of the 5G network is the fact that the latency is decreased to around one millisecond and that is the time taken by the flash of a normal camera.



5G is the fifth generation mobile technology which is expected to be around 100 times faster than the normal 4G. The fact that 5G offers blazing fast speed as compared to any typical network gets it all the attention instantly. Though 4G has been improving its speed up to 10 to 50 Mbps but 5G is far ahead when it comes to high speed.



When it comes to coverage, 4G networks offer decent coverage with their networks spread throughout the world. However, many rural areas still lack their facilities. Even when it comes to coverage, 4G speeds can vary from place to place.5G networks are expected to provide better coverage.


MIMO Technology

5G utilizes Multiple Input Multiple Output technology or MIMO that results in better coverage and capacity. It is important to consider the fact that 5G generation is very promising and taking cellular technology one-step ahead. A new technological advancement uses higher radio frequencies to transfer more data resulting in much faster speeds and reduced latency. It also enables more devices to be used without any interruption over the space. This technological feature is not available with 4G technology.


Energy Efficiency

5G is a better choice for video streaming as compared to 4G when it comes to congestion of network. Sustainability is one of the main elements of 5G technology since the users may not need much processing and need lesser energy. This is an added advantage of 5G service when compared to the 4G service.


Safe and Secure Network

The 5G users get to enjoy benefits like ultra-reliability and low latency. 5G networks are more secure as compared to other cellular networks. They allow website loading to be faster, video streaming to be quicker and online gaming to be lag-free. It is simple – 5G is so fast that it allows you to do everything quicker and more instantly than any previous generations. Since 5G can carry more data as compared to the 4G networks, 5G enables you to do everything you did on your phone but in a much faster and smoother way.


To use a 5G technology, you require a 5G compatible phone. These phones are usually able to switch between 4G and 5G services. 5G is on the road to not only benefit the manufacturing, logistics, entertainment or other relevant industries but also be beneficial to boost tech-based advancements. After all, a better connectivity between people and devices is always, a great help for all the industries.