Containers: Not Just an Industrial Facility


When we think about a mobile container, we tend to relate it to an industrial setting, maybe a company specialized in goods movement and/or storage. Just a few people are able to associate a container to a domestic use. A container in a house, or even just in a backyard? Actually, it sounds weird, at first. Nonetheless, more and more people, both in North America and Europe, are gradually discovering how useful this facility could be, even in a household situation.

This new trend has started in the northern countries (Canada, northern states of the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Sweden), although the very first ones to realize the potential of this use of an industrial container were the Russians. In Siberia, for example, during the winter months, is quite typical to store the cars in a thermally insulated container located in a house’s backyard, in order to preserve their engines from freezing.

Once this practice started to spread all over the rest of the world, many containers manufacturing companies began to design and produce items able to be located both in an industrial and domestic context. Flexibility became one of the most requested features for this kind of manufactures, and every company tends to present their products in this light: for example, one of the world’s most important container producers allows their domestic clients to check solutions here, with just a simple click or at most a couple of them. In a few years, a significant number of models have been issued on the worldwide market, to the point that a versatile container is now even more requested than the ones specifically designed for an industrial purpose.

What are the most common uses for a container in a household environment? Below, we have listed the most recurrent ones.

  1. Garage. As already said, using a container as a garage is a sort of warrant for your car to be kept safe from bad weather, atmospheric humidity, extreme cold and all those issues that could result from such phenomena. A small-sized container can easily host a city car, plus a few accessories (spare tires, auto mechanic equipment, replacement parts): everything concerning your vehicle can be stored together, thereby preventing many of them to be lost.
  2. Courtyard furniture’s shelter. Those who are lucky enough to afford a house with a big courtyard on the front (or even better, a villa with a private garden) are probably willing to exploit it during the warmer months. So, they usually furnish their little open-air corner of well-being with pieces of furniture specifically designed for this kind of setting. But what happens when the temperature gets colder and winter makes its way? Containers offer the most practical solution, especially for those who don’t have a ceiling or a cellar to store their external furniture in.
  3. Temporary depot. Many of us have in their houses a lot of stuff they want to get rid of. While deciding how to dispose those materials, instead of cluttering the entire house, they could use a container, able to preserve them (just in case they want to try to sell them), even for a long time. Who knows, maybe as time goes on someone could change his mind, at least for what concerns part of their unwelcome belongings.