Convenient and Simple Electronic Solutions from SignNow


During the last couple of months, the world has been adjusting to the new reality caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the necessity to stay isolated as much as possible. Although some processes like working or studying have been changed to become mostly remote, all the paperwork still stays relevant. Therefore, the possibility to e-sign documents became as essential as never before. A lot of entrepreneurs, businessmen, specialists in different fields, and even students started wondering how to make the procedure of signing the papers possible and which service will be the best for this purpose. In this article, you will be able to get acquainted with SignNow, one of the most simple, reliable, and quality electronic solutions found on the market today.


Introduction to the SignNow Website


The simplest way to study information about any service or company is to visit the official website. For sure, SignNow is not an exception. The credibility of the organization becomes obvious after looking through the main page of the website. It provides a maximum of the necessary information that will be useful for understanding why SignNow is the solution you will benefit from.  For example, there are such categories as Free Trial, compliance with the leading security standards like HIPAA and GDPR, comparison with other popular services like Adobe Sign and DocuSign, and frequently asked questions among others.


Starting a Free Trial


In the very center of the SignNow website’s main page, you will see a field for entering your email address and a Start Free Trial button alongside. 


After typing in your email and clicking on the button, you will be redirected to a new page, and in the pop-up window, you should choose a convenient and suitable method of registration. You can sign up via Facebook or Google account or use your email for this purpose.


During the free trial, you can get acknowledged with the basic functions of SignNow software like sending a document for signing, editing it, and, for sure, signing the doc. 


Who Can Benefit from Using SignNow?


For sure, the main category of users is entrepreneurs and business owners, including those who run both small-scale and large-scale businesses. In any organization, there is a lot of paperwork, and executing all the necessary signing procedures or editing documents online will be crucial. Since SignNow avails the possibility to create documents, edit them, and send papers for signing, all the processes may be implemented much faster, and a lot of precious time can be saved. 


Nevertheless, this list of industries and fields for which SignNow software will be useful is rather extensive. Among them are such spheres as:


  • Education;


  • Healthcare;


  • Real estate;


  • Sports;


  • Life sciences and many others.


So, today, SignNow will be beneficial even for students, who are mostly studying remotely, and doctors and patients, who take care of people’s and own health the most nowadays.


How Can I Ensure that SignNow Is Really the Best?


SignNow Company did everything possible to become the best electronic solution available on the market today. It is so confident in its superiority that on the website, it provided a special page where any user can compare this solution with any other service that is still popular among users.


With its help, you can choose any similar company and view the table with the list of the main functions that both solutions should offer. Any comparison will show that the range of SignNow’s possibilities and advantages is much more extensive.


Besides, there are numerous users’ reviews on such websites as Capterra, Gartner, Trustpilot, and others, and all of them prove that SignNow is a service that does make life easier without forcing to spend a fortune or a lot of time on learning how to use it.


Furthermore, to sign any document electronically, the recipient does not have to install any application or sign in. The necessary paper will be sent to email, and the signature might be simply typed in. Moreover, there is no need to use any special device since SignNow works on smartphones, laptops, PCs, and tablets with any operating system installed.


Summing Up


SignNow is the best solution that can make anyone’s life easier and even safer, considering the situation in the world nowadays. The company takes the utmost care of its customers, and it put maximum effort to be characterized with the list of benefits and advantages provided below:


  • SignNow is a legal and safe solution. Its compliance with the most important security standards proves that all your data will be protected and safe. The company made sure that no information will leak, and all the payments will be transmitted properly. Besides, all the e-signatures are legally binding.


  • Prices are lower than that of competitors. All the plans offered by SignNow have been carefully thought out so that the users did not spend more on unnecessary functions. At the same time, the cost you pay will be much higher if you use the services of opponents. With SignNow, you can choose a Business ($8 per user/month), Business Premium ($15 per user/month), Enterprise ($30 per user/month), or even airSlate Business Cloud ($50 per user/month) plan that will better suit your needs.


  • SignNow makes it possible to automate the work process. With the opportunities offered by SignNow, you can automate the workflow of your business and not worry about forgetting to sign any essential contract or document. All you need is to adjust the settings, choose the necessary recipients and the order of signing, set reminders, indicate the deadlines for signing and sending the document back, and much more.