Corporate Summer Parties: The New Kid in Town



Companies have been taking advantage of corporate events for years; research has proven how they are effective in developing teams as well as their umpteen other benefits.

Most of the time, these events follow a similar format and unsurprisingly, it’s not just a fun day out of the office.

Something that has surged in popularity over recent times are summer party events. As the name might suggest, this isn’t a case of the traditional corporate event. Instead, it follows the party theme – and means that employees can let their hair down. While it follows a different format, companies are discovering that as well as having fun, it is an invaluable method in developing teams as well.

To highlight just what sort of events are being used under this format, let’s investigate a few.

London Party Bus

It almost sounds like something you’d get at a university, but naturally from a corporate point of view there are a few more inclusions when businesses take to the London party bus.

Sure, the fully stocked bar will come as no surprise, while the fact that a DJ booth is ready on board shouldn’t either. There are other perks as part of this package though, with groups stopping off at iconic landmarks to really make a day of it. Karaoke systems also tend to be installed, which can inject a bit of team-building into the evening as well!

Parisian Wine Tasting

This probably doesn’t have quite the “frantic” summer party vibe as the previous suggestion, but it can still provide the perfect day out for some companies.

Whether employees get to travel as part of work a lot is irrelevant; we’re going to bet that few of them do for sole wine-tasting purposes. This is what this event entails; with the wine tasting taking place in Paris as you wander between venues in the city.

Epsom Live Concert

If we return closer to home, a day at Epsom Racecourse is proving to be a popular option for companies as well. This time, it’s not for the races though – but for the Epsom Live music event.

In other words, it’s pretty much the definition of a corporate summer party. There will be lots of drinks flowing, plenty of music playing and in relation to the latter, some of the biggest names in the industry have featured here in the past including James Blunt and Boyzone.

Wine and Dine

We’ve spoken about a day out in France, but for those companies who want to stick to home soil a simple wine and dine might suffice. Some might argue that it’s not quite loud enough for the party definition, but hosted in Stanlake Park it can provide something different for employees and at least allow them to be rewarded in beauty.

There’s also a large vineyard here and when this is combined with cooking lessons which take place in one of the barns, it’s another different way for employees to enjoy the year and perhaps build better relationships as well.