Costs and Benefits of Outsourcing Sales


There are many aspects to running a successful business. From sales and management, to marketing and customer service and all in between, companies certainly have a lot on their plates. In some instances, juggling all of these in-house may affect productivity as employees are forced to take on various tasks they may not have been prepared for.

These days, a lot of companies outsource certain aspects of their business to third-party professionals who focus on specific aspects of business management. One of those aspects commonly outsourced is company sales. For various reasons including lack of time and staff, a company may decide to outsource its sales efforts and campaigns to external bodies who have experience in the field. Click here to learn more about aspects of a business that can be easily outsourced.

By allowing external sales professionals to handle company sales, the company is able to focus on other aspects of its business to increase revenue.  Despite the fact that outsourcing is a great way to scale business and increase productivity, many business owners still remain skeptical about it.

There are several reasons why this is so, one of them being the fact that business owners feel that another company will be unable to represent their brand well. For some, it is the fear of the unknown as they are simply not comfortable handing over aspects of their business to external bodies.

What these business owners don’t know is that there are tremendous benefits their company will enjoy from outsourcing to teams with skilled and dedicated professionals.

Benefits of Outsourcing Sales

There are many benefits to having an outsourced partner sell your products and services. Some of them include:

  • Tap into new and underserved markets
  • Collaborate with other departments
  • Improve new products and services
  • Utilize latest technology
  • Omnichannel sales
  • Expertise and specialization

Tap Into New and Underserved Markets

Many small businesses are unable to tap into new and underserved markets due to lack of human resources. Many times, these companies have numerous leads but are unable to pursue and convert them because of the limited number of team members available to carry out the task

By outsourcing, smaller companies are able to get into industries and territories they normally would not have been able to access. This way, the inhouse team can focus on leads within the business area.

Collaborate With Other Departments

In a company, teams usually work to meet departmental goals and often have a hard time working with other departments to develop holistic approach to driving revenue; a sales team isn’t an exception. Usually, a sales team is supposed to work closely with marketing to develop strategies that will help increase profit. In sales companies, employees work with various departments from other clients to develop innovative ways to sell products and services.

Improve New Products and Services

Another benefit companies stand to enjoy from outsourcing is that they get feedback and reviews from people before launching new products and services. For instance, a company can outsource the sale of a new product to the company to test it out.

The company as usual will make cold calls and all other methods employed for selling. As they sell the products to customers, they get feedback and reviews which are taken to the company that hired them. With these reviews and feedback, the company is able to improve on the products to make sure they are ready for full scale production and launch. They also have enough information to determine the best price point for which the products can be sold.

Utilize Latest Technology

Most outsourcing companies make use of the latest industry technology to work efficiently, deliver results, and meet client goals. A company may not have the resources to acquire the latest software that helps drive sales. In such a case, outsourcing to companies that already have this technology will save you a lot of money that can be properly utilized in other aspects of the business. Visit to learn more about sales software.

Omnichannel Sales

Most of these sales companies utilize several channels to sell their clients’ products and services. Through social media, emails, calls, and in-person visits, they are able to sell client products efficiently.

Expertise and Specialization

Because these external sales reps have years of experience in the field, they have a deeper understanding of how to sell to different kinds of customers. With years of being active in the field, they have developed and tested several strategies for selling different kind of products. By outsourcing to these professionals, companies have a chance of tapping and utilizing strategies that work.

Cost of Outsourcing

From the surface, one may think that sales outsourcing costs are more expensive than paying in-house sales reps. But when the total cost of maintaining a team capable of delivering the type of service a dedicated team will be able to offer is calculated, you’ll find out that it is cost effective.

In managing an in-house team, a company may have to cover the following;

  • Workers’ insurance and retirement
  • Bonuses and commissions
  • Subscription based tools for work efficiency, and so on.

In the US, the average salary of a sales rep is $65,000. They also get about $25,000 cash bonus and $12,000 in commission yearly.

To get a breakdown of how much you’ll likely be spending annually to fund an in-house team the following calculation should give you an idea:

$65,000+$25,000+$12,000 x No. of team members= total annual spend


Companies stand to gain a lot from outsourcing sales to external companies. From the vast knowledge and expertise to the latest software and technology for getting the job done, they certainly have a lot to offer to their clients.