Could Less Furniture Mean More Work In Your Minimalist Office?


As with any decor, the way that you design your office will be a matter of personal taste. The chances are that you’ll focus on creating a space which is as productive as possible. That could mean cramming as many desks into the area as you can. You might even fill any free corner with filing cabinets. All the better for fitting more employees, and thus getting more work done.

Or not. Overloading your office is a bad idea for a few different reasons. What’s more, it could slow the production of work rather than speeding it up. That’s why we’re here with a suggestion you may not have considered thus far. Why not go minimal in your office?

It’s a design choice we’ve seen time and again on sites like Pinterest. You may even have employed it  in your home. But, surely something like this wouldn’t work in your office? We beg to differ. Keep reading to find out why.

Clear offices mean clean minds

It makes sense that you want to cram as many computers into your office as possible. On the surface, more staff = more profit. But, that may not be the case. As can be seen here, cluttered surroundings lead to cluttered minds. Even with more team members, you may find that productivity drops. Everyone will struggle to work in such a crowded environment. Admittedly, you may find that you have to let some team members go to achieve this. Still, the chances are that you’d see a rise in productivity from a cleared office. That’s because your remaining employees would be able to think without the distraction of all those desks.

Better safety

As an employer, safety should always be a priority to you. A crowded space holds all manner of trip hazards, from trailing wires to narrow walkways. By getting rid of those excess wires and opening everything up, you halve the risk of accidents during the working day. Given that a nasty fall in your office could leave you on the receiving end of lawyers like those found on this page, that’s got to be a good thing. Again, you may also find that your team are more productive if you take care of this. A safe workplace makes for happy employees, after all. Everyone knows that happy employees work harder.

Easier working conditions

A clearer office can also lead to easier working conditions for both you and your employees. If there are many filing cabinets in your office, finding files will become a mammoth task. But, if you keep this to a minimum, you can simplify processes. All you need to do to get away with less filing is to develop reliable systems. That way, you can fit everything into a smaller space, as well as ensuring each file is easy to find. If you want to go all out with this, you could even opt for a paperless office with no filing cabinets at all. But, that’s for another post…