COVID19 Business Leaders: Adapting Your Facility to the New Pandemic


Today, most people are regularly tuning in to coronavirus updates and constantly changing case counts. If you run a business it’s important that you get your company ready for the changes that will become par for the course moving forward. 

This is important so that you can protect both your own employees and any customers that you interact with. Today’s business leaders need to adapt to COVID-19 standards. Here are a few ways to make this happen. 

  1. Upgrade the Way You Clean and Sanitize Your Business

Moving forward, you can’t be too careful about the way that you clean and sanitize your building. Your office should be as hygienic as possible so that you can limit the spread of the virus. 

Only use cleaning products that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and use them frequently. If you don’t have these products handy, you can always create a bleach solution and use 70% alcohol. 

Set up a plan for cleaning your building regularly, and never cut corners with the way that you clean. 

  1. Require People to Wear Masks and Enforce Social Distancing Requirements

Cleaning aside, you also need to make sure you’re following updated COVID-19 practices. For starters, make sure that people are wearing masks and maintaining at least 6-feet of space.

Make it easy for people to do this by establishing and enforcing those guidelines. For instance, if you run a coffee shop, you might need to switch to take out only orders. Your baristas would then let a certain number of people in at a time while having markers set up outside the building for people to space themselves apart from each other. 

Signage with the right information is essential. You can post COVID-19 magnets that let the public know about these changes. 

  1. Facilitate the Flow of Traffic In and Out

Be diligent about your entryways and exit ways. When your building gets cluttered, you’re increasing the risk of spreading the virus. 

Enforce strict population limits, and discourage people from congregating in large groups. Pay careful attention to the cleanliness of your doorknobs and handles, and use automated doorways whenever possible. 

  1. Go Digital as Often as Possible

Today, you should also limit physical contact as much as possible. The main way to do this is by increasing opportunities to do business digitally. 

Encourage customers to access your site or app to place orders ahead. Improve your online customer service so that people can have their questions answered remotely. 

Perhaps most importantly, create unique opportunities for your employees to work remotely. Set them up with the hardware, software, and cloud-based systems that let them work from home. 

Think of this as an opportunity to upgrade your systems and modernize your business. 

Today’s Business Leaders Must Adapt to COVID-19 Standards

The business leaders of today all understand how important it is to adjust to COVID-19 standards. This is a matter of public safety as much as it is good business. 

Put these tips to use and start making these evolutions in your company today.