Create a Good Working Environment with Team Building Activities



Team building activities are fun and exciting games that you can participate in to understand more about team spirit, enhance your communication skills and improve your social skills. Quite a number of companies arenow encouraging their teams of staff to participate in teambuilding activities at least twice in every year.

If truth be told, these activities do develop better interpersonal relationships in the workplace and if properly applied, they are meant to bring the team together and encourage teamwork. So, at the end of the day, team building in Sacramento will create a team work environment, encourage interaction and aims at achieving a greater team goal.

So, if you are planning to give your team a team building exercise, go for it. But before you do, it is important to understand the different types of team building activities. So, keep reading and find the best exercise for your team.

Types of team building activities

  • Problem solving-based team exercises – This kind of exercises are normally performed as indoor tasks. For example, escape rooms are a perfect pick for problem solving based team exercises. This helps the team solve problems as a team. The team will have to communicate effectively and trust each other with the clues provided as they come up with an escape plan.


  • Character-based team exercises – People have different characters. And because character plays a very important role in determining your success at work and everywhere else, it is important to learn about other people’s personalities and let others learn about your own personality. By learning about other team members, you might be able to come to a common ground on the actions to take and make everyone comfortable but still productive.


  • Activity-based team exercises – This kind of exercises are normally in an outdoor setting and have a lot to do with physical challenges, for example, mountain climbing, trekking, pulling a tag of war, etc. Just like it takes team work to come out of an escape room, activity based exercises too requite the same team spirit in order for you to succeed in the challenge.The most exciting thing about activity based exercises is that the energy built up during the challenges can be transferred to the workplace.


  • Skills-based team building – Let’s face it, we all have different skills; you might be strong in one area and not so strong in another area. And because success can be defined by different skills, it is important to ensure that your team members add to their skills. For example, you can come up with conflict exercise that will help members of you team learn how to professionally deal with conflicts. By developing these skills through different skills-based exercises, you will be able to create a more competent team.


Therefore, out of the four common types of team building activities, find one that will give you better result in areas that need strengthening. It is also that little break from the monotony of the office that will keep your team motivated. So, team building is a win-win for everyone –both the employers and the employees!