Create Allergy-Free Home with These Simple Tips


Allergies like asthma, itchy eyes, and other general discomforts to your health can become frustrating. You should embrace measures to create a hypoallergenic home with safe furniture. Both indoor and outdoor furniture should be free from allergens. 


What are allergens? 

Allergens are the cause of allergies. They could be-

  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • Mould and mildew
  • Pollen and 
  • Mites 

You should buy covers for your sofa and drapes made of hypoallergenic materials to protect the occupants of the home. Other simple ways to keep allergens away from your home could be to buy mould-proof construction materials, choose the proper flooring, keeping the home clean and dust-free. 

Choose the right furniture 

When you buy furniture for your home, choose the ones whose base does not touch the floor. This makes them simple to clean. No dust or mould can settle under the furniture. You should buy upholstery materials like vinyl or leather that are hypoallergenic in nature. They are simple for you to clean and can keep allergens away. 

Pay attention to the furniture in the bedroom 

Pillows and mattresses are common breeding grounds for allergens. Buy bed covers, bedding, and pillowcases that are allergen-proof. Clean the bed regularly and seek the help of professional cleaning companies for your mattress. Mattresses with latex are often a breeding ground for allergens. 

Outdoor protection 

For furniture in the garden, you can invest in good-quality outdoor furniture covers to keep the dust away. Make sure these covers are simple for you to clean and wash. Keep the indoor and outdoor spaces free from clutter. If you place the furniture too close to each other, this becomes a breeding ground for dust and allergens. 

Avoid rugs on the floor 

Bare floors are generally simple and convenient for you to clean. Do not cover your floors with rugs, as they are often a breeding ground for dust and allergens. In case you want rugs in the home, make sure you use your vacuum cleaner to remove dust regularly. 

Keep everything neat, clean and clutter-free 

Buy furniture that is needed for your space- do not overdo it. Arrange the furniture in such a way as to make the space look neat. Avoid overcrowding. Keep the books and toys of your children in covered storage space. You can also buy hypoallergenic fabrics for living spaces to stop the accumulation of dust in your home. 

Curtains in your home 

Heavy curtains tend to attract dust. Invest in window blinds if you are prone to allergies. In case you must use curtains for the home, buy light cotton upholstery fabrics as they are simple to wash. 

To reduce allergies in the home, you should keep the space dry and clean. Air purifiers help you to prevent allergies at home. You should look out for mould growth and eliminate it with the help of professional companies fast. 

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that in order to create a home free from allergens, you should choose the right furniture and keep the space clutter-free and clean.