Crowd Funding Comes to Everybody in Houston


Raising and making money has been the age old endeavor in business and in life. The old adage “It takes money, to make money” is still relevant today. Crowdfunding as it is known today has changed from the days of taking up a collection at church, organizing a bake sale, and other rewards for contribution arrangements. Texas provides the robust solution for allowing non-accredited investors to invest in viable business opportunities on-line from as little as $100 to $5,000 per deal. Crowdfunding now allows for entrepreneurs to by-pass the bank and go direct to like-minded supporters to get involved with technology companies, oil and real estate deals, entertainment ventures, and more.

One organization,, has seized on this advantage by providing Houstonian backers a platform to come together and review opportunities to get involved with “the next big thing.” Make plans to attend this free expo in April. Houston has the largest population group in Texas and the founder Alvin Castle is creating the marketplace of exchange.

Business and Crowdfund Expo – Q1

When: April 29, 2016, Saturday

Location: Westin Galleria – 5060 W, Alabama Street,

houston, Texas 77056

Time: 9:30am to 5PM CDT

Cost: FREE to the Public

Event link:

** Sponsorships and booths available

Manfred Sternberg of ManfredLaw,com and Alvin Castle of EverybodyInHouston were recently featured on “The Price of Business” with Bill Knapik of Stewart Title hosting, which airs on Business Talk 1110AM in (Salem Broadcasting) to talk about crowd funding (click to watch the complete interview 11:11 minutes). The segment aired 2/13/17 in Houston.

“EverybodyInHouston is a gateway portal for investors all across America to benefit from the laws in Texas that allow people to invest their hard earned money in big deals that would normally not be available to the average public,” says Alvin Castle, Founder.

“We are only just beginning to harness the power of crowd funding,” says business lawyer Manfred Sternberg, “It will be a major disrupter and liberator of finances and growth in our country.”

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