David Straus on the “Genius Problem”


Entrepreneur and coach, David Straus will discuss the “Genius Problem” and will examine the things great minds have in common, on Friday’s Price of Business show.

Here’s an excerpt from his recent article on this in Inc. Magazine:

Obviously, I have never met Aristotle or Da Vinci; for that matter, I have not yet had the pleasure of speaking with Elon Musk. Still, let’s imagine that I can understand how they think, and that you can as well–and by embracing First Principle thinking, you can empower yourself to become a true visionary in life, at work, and for your community.

A First Principle is a basic, essential, foundational truth that is “known by nature.” It is not an assumption or deduction based on another theory or supposition. A key element of First Principle thinking is that just because something is “known by nature” or true in the universe does not mean it has ever been articulated and described by humans. E=MC² has always existed as a possibility, but it was not known or proven until Einstein’s feat of mathematical observation and first principle science. E=MC² now becomes a foundational assumption in our known world. However, a future physicist solving for a different problem may choose to ignore this principle and discover something that is true to the universe that once “discovered” and articulated by the physicist could render E=MC² obsolete. Einstein himself understood this better than anyone, because in order for him to have ideated E=MC², he too would have needed to overlook basic principles considered as Truth (with a capital T) in his time…  (READ MORE)

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